The Aura in the three 
realms of Nature.

The aura which is some sort of halo vibration that encircles all living beings in all realms of nature, is an emanation of Intelligent Force. It may be seen by people who are endowed with a developed mediumship sense of clairvoyance. The part of the aura closer to the body's periphery is denser and it gradually becomes more diaphanous towards its outer periphery. Astral vision, at the beginning of its development, perceives only the denser portion of auras. Deeper perception of auras is accessible only to those who are endowed with sufficiently developed clairvoyance.

In the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

Coloration of the auras of mineral bodies is constant, so to speak. In plant life the bodies already exhibit more advanced and variable evolution. In the exuberance of their lives the auras of plants differ from those of wood in industrial use. This change is accounted for by the transformation that they undergo. In animals of inferior species there is even more variation in the colors of the aura. They change according to the animals' health conditions, their state of calmness or irritability, courage or fear, good or inadequate nutrition and, still, youth or senility.

In human beings.

Due to its greater variation of colors, the human aura is the most complex to analyse. In addition to revealing each individual's degree of evolution, it portrays his tendencies, natural disposition, degree of intelligence, reasoning capacity, sensibility and finally, the nature of his thoughts. Although it appears to be only one, the human aura is in reality threefold: the spiritual aura, the astral body aura and the physical aura. Each corresponds to the nature of the body from which it emanates.

Physical and astral body auras.

The physical body aura, which is an emanation of all particles of organised matter contained in it, may be observed during sleep without the interference of the other two when the spirit and the astral body withdraw. It is then perceived as whitish and transparent (as if it were made of stretched hair filaments) if the body is healthy, or curved fallen filaments if the body is ill. The astral body aura, less tenuous than the auras of the other bodies, is almost invariable. Neither of them, however, is comparable to the spiritual aura which, by the intensity and variety of its colors, faithfully defines the nature of its vibrations.

A variety of colors.

In the gamut of feelings entertained by the spirit, the two extremes are identified by the black and white colors. Clear, crystalline, spotless white expresses the highest form of spiritual development. Black or dark auras, denotes the lowest, most animalized feelings. Between the black and white auras, from one extreme to another, there is an immense variety of colors, each defining a state, emotion, or feeling, all obviously imperfect because the goal to be reached is perfection, which translates into white. 

The spiritual spectrum, thoughts and feelings.

Physical vision can perceive only the color of the solar spectrum and its associations. There are however, numberless other colors which, although invisible to the human eye, are part of the spiritual spectrum, of colors. The color of the human aura changes according to the thoughts of each individual. When is a state of calmness and tranquillity, it has a coloration of its own, which reveals the degree of spiritual evolution. However, as evolution proceeds, inferior feelings are progressively eliminated. Therefore, the color of auras, which is representative of the degree of evolution, is composed of numerous combined colors, each implying the presence of a certain feeling, emotion or passion.

Colors reveal the evolution of an individual.

On his way to evolution, every well-meaning individual tries to free himself from the defects he detects in his own personality, but retains those that go unnoticed. Even so, this behaviour varies from one person to another. Some, while trying to fight vanity, forget greed. Others, while attempting to overcome envy, allow themselves to be overwhelmed by lust and so on. As a result, the customary color of auras varies from one individual to another. This color changes gradually as the character improves. The color is also subject to sudden, transitory changes. Any emotion that overtakes an individual will immediately cause his aura to take on the color that such emotion expresses. The explanation is that each emotion produces a corresponding vibration. This vibration imposes itself by controlling the field of the aura with its own, characteristic, underlying color. The habitual colors of the aura usually reveal the character of an individual, whereas the transitory color express the passions that he has not yet destroyed and overcome.

Reading auras.

Reading auras can be accurately done only by evolved spirits that are aware of the subtleties inherent in the alternation and combination of colors. Each shade of the same color has its own expression or particular meaning, and each combination of two or more colors or shades calls for new definitions. The members of the Superior Astral invariably have white auras because after reaching that state their nature becomes inviolable.

Drive for self-improvement

Even though his aura is, to a certain extent, hidden from the human eye, every individual should strive to be honest, loyal and truthful. This should be done, not out of fear that others discover the inferiority of his inner personality, but out of a sense of duty, dignity, self-respect and enlightenment about life. This is the only way human character can be polished, burnished, perfected under structural, indestructible conditions so that, whatever the situation, man's attitudes will always reflect moral attributes of the highest quality.

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