Call of duty of the spirit 
after reincarnation.

There is this idea that a call of duty is serving in the army. In our view, the spirits that reincarnate on earth are all coming for important missions, connected to their spiritual improvement and the evolution of other spirits. The evolution of the spirit through successive reincarnations, is the result of its effort, will and ambition to grow. Since evolution is a fundamental principle of life in the Universe and in it lies the basis for the understanding of everything within and outside the reach of human perception, then on each reincarnation a spirit should follow its call of duty and spare no efforts to improve its social conditions while living as a human being. 

Call of duty 1: 
Examples of honor and devotion to work.

Honorable examples are the greatest contribution man can give to society. Honor is not restricted to punctuality in payments, honesty in business operations and close adherence to contract agreements. Honor involves, above all, strength of character, uncompromising loyalty and unswerving rectitude in the fulfilment of duty. Those who are devoid of noble feelings, unselfishness and valor cannot claim to be honorable since such attributes are inseparable from honor.

Examples of devotion of noble feelings, unselfishness and valor, cannot claim to be honorable since such attributes are inseparable from honor. Examples of devotion to work are the most useful to the goals of mankind. The Universe in itself is all motion and action. The great craftsmen of progress were untiring hard workers. Those who live in idleness are nothing but social parasites thriving on other people's work even if they are wealthy and consider themselves important personalities. 

Work always noble and dignifying for men and women no matter whether they do manual labor or intellectual, artistic or scientific work. What is actually of benefit to the spirit is not the nature of the work done but its moral value and the pleasure derived from doing it. Everyone should therefore seek the kind of work that fits his vocation and do it with joy and enthusiasm. Work should be considered a reward, not a punishment because without it nobody would advance a step further in evolution.

Call of duty 2:
Deliberate and involuntary mistakes.

All inhabitants of this planet are imperfect, some more, some less. Therefore, nobody is perfect. Some mistakes are involuntary. Others are the result of the improper exercise of free will. To err is human. Nothing could be more true. However, once an honest person is advised and becomes convinced of his mistake, he should admit it and try not to repeat it.

It is common practice to conceal one's mistakes, instead of avoiding them. This is very detrimental to spiritual growth. Most people seldom use impartiality and justice in the innermost evaluation of their own actions. Even those who are too harsh in the judgement of other people's actions, for whom they always have words of criticism and reproach, do not escape the usual tendency. When their own faults are concerned, they find a full, lenient, absolvent justification. In this way, mistakes end up incorporated to human habits. Man thus loses his self-respect and his sense of character and dignity becomes corrupted. What everyone should do is to face up his mistakes and avoid new mistakes with the help of his will power.

Call of duty 3:
Spiritual improvement and the evils of ignorance.

Spiritual improvement should be man's main concern in all his fields of activity. Man should try to excel in the fulfilment of his social responsibilities, and work with utmost devotion. No progress towards perfection is achieved without attention, concern, knowledge, effort, devotion, joy, good humor and unshakeable determination to obtain positive results. And improvement is closely related to evolution, besides being the main purpose of the spirit's presence on Earth. There will be no spiritual progress unless man strives for improvement and to fulfill its call of duty in this school-world. 

No one should spare efforts to fight ignorance because ignorance is the cause of the majority of man's evils. Ignorance is a completely negative force. It is always harmful and, when it does not pull backwards, it hampers forward motion. Evolution means light. The brighter the light, the more effectively it drives away the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance is therefore a strong, powerful, uncompromising enemy of the incarnate spirit. Those who really wish to grow spiritually and make good use of their incarnation should take every available opportunity to fight ignorance.

Having no time to waste, people should try to always learn more. They should be aware that each new skill they learn is a new asset added to the spiritual wealth. Those who did not have the good fortune of attending schools should realize that Earth itself is a School where the most varied lessons can be learned. There is never lack of good knowledge. The courses of learning which the spirit is supposed to attend on Earth, during numberless reincarnations, comprise many subjects. Inattentive, lax students are frequently repeating courses, which means reincarnationg in physical worlds like Earth more than they should. 

If mankind only realised what a profitable reincarnation means to the spirit, we would not see so many failures and so much disregard for spiritual values on Earth. The more advanced man is, the more he realizes the endless distance that separates him from absolute knowledge, which requires infinite learning. True scholars do not lose sight of their limitations because they always strive to learn more and more. They are, as a rule, unpretentious, contrary to the average person whose main concern is to show off and to pass as persons of great talent and importance.

Many people do not realize how ridiculous they become when they make their intelligence, their kindness, or their personal attributes the subject of conversation. Boasting of self-endowed qualities, either imaginary or real, is flattering to no one. Therefore judiciousness and moderation in all gestures and attitudes should become a sound habit in man's life to enable him to behave with exemplary dignity.

Call of duty 4:
Principle of authority.

The principle of authority should never be exercised in a tyrannical, intolerant way since it cannot be dissociated from the precepts of moral, moderation and justice. Although many people command respect due to the fear that their actions instil, the true, the most authentic, the most legitimate authority is generous and fair. This is what makes it endeared and respected. This does not mean that people in authority should relinquish the right and even the duty, to use strength and severity when necessary. What should never happen is for people in authority to become overbearing and despotic. Those in authority should ponder carefully before taking any action, in order to reduce their chances of making mistakes and committing injustice to a minimum.

Call of duty 5:
Good and ethical economy.

Whenever material resources allow it, economy should interfere with neither good appearance nor material, moral and intellectual needs. Squandering is just as reproachable as stinginess and miserliness. Everyone should abstain from excess, repel vice, oppose waste and squandering , but not deprive himself of what is necessary. It should be borne in mind that earthly possessions belong to Earth and will remain here. Man is merely their manager or trustee.

One of the most serious mistakes made by many people is to behave selfishly, to enslave oneself to sheer earthly values, in the belief that happiness is contingent on them. The assets gathered by the spirit in the course of each earthly journey consist only of its commendable actions. These are, in fact, the only gains the spirit takes along after disincarnation. On the spiritual level, they will fill the spirit with joy and happiness.

Call of duty 6:
Fear, effectiveness, respect.

Fear is one of the most harmful, disquieting, distressing and tormenting evils that plague humanity. Its roots begin to grow in early childhood at a time when so many wrong ideas are instilled in children's minds. The fear complex, which gradually takes hold of children, and the ominous influence it exercises on their whole lives should be blamed on certain ridiculous fairy-tales involving goblins, werewolves and other fabrications. It is the duty of everyone who is responsible for children to, during the process of their education, fight everything that may contribute to make them shy or fearful. Of course extremes that may lead to want of foresight and recklessness should likewise be avoided.

To live effectively means to live fully in the proper sense, i.e., to take good care of one's physical and mental health, to share actively mankind's common effort to improve the world's conditions and always to conduct oneself in a disciplined, methodical, orderly manner. Man should respect himself and his fellow men. A dignified earthly existence that is well adjusted to the common well-being is inconceivable without respect. Respect must exist between parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters and generally speaking, between individuals. Nothing is more harmful, more contaminating, more destructive of the feeling of friendship than lack of respect. In no way does intimacy forego respectful treatment. To treat one's fellow man without respect reveals lack of moral principles and is equivalent to indignity. And in order to be treated with respect and consideration, man needs to follow an irreprehensible pattern of conduct at all times.

Call of duty 7:
Zeal and work.

Fulfilment of any task requires zeal, devotion and concern in obtaining the best possible results. Examples, however, should be set from above, since only those who know how to fulfil their call of duty or social responsibilities have the moral authority to make demands.

Carelessness in the performance of a job hurts the character, tarnishes the individual and lowers one's reputation in the eyes of other people. Those whose activities are characterised by negligence, laxity and slackness err against themselves. Human work, although it may sometimes appear isolated, is overall co-ordinated, and everyone plays a part in it. Those who perform their share poorly reveal negative qualities and lack of a sense of responsibility.

In order to make the best use of time, everyone should plan their work intelligently so that each task is carried out at the right moment. Work, recreation and rest are three equally important prerequisites of physical and spiritual well-being. Everyone should follow a time table that best suits his conveniences and the demands of work but should not neglect rest and recreation. Only in this way will he find pleasure in work, benefit in rest and joy in recreation. These factors will contribute to his good health and well-being.

Call of duty 8:
Moral integrity.

Integrity should be the constant concern of every incarnate spirit. Man will profit greatly is in each existence on earth he will succeed in polishing at least one of the many facets of this valuable moral treasure. Man's spirit will never reach the final point of earthly incarnations until the highest level of integrity is attained. 

This world is not lacking in cunning ways of providing profitable, but dishonest situations. In the presence of these situations, the weak always surrender. The strong resist, those who resist win, and victory strengthens man. Truly righteous men are formed by the sum of these victories. However, it should be understood that one's moral behaviour is not to be evaluated simply on the basis that he has not sold his conscience. More than that is needed. It is necessary to feel life in all its grandeur and fullness. The truly righteous are those who, in addition to being honorable, are just, dignified, loyal, brave, and always willing to contribute to the well-being of mankind.

Call of duty 9:
The power of reasoning.

The reason why the call of duty in spiritual terms are often disregarded and so many wrong things are done on Earth is because man does not take the trouble to reason at length before acting in order to be able to foresee the consequences. Human reasoning becomes sharper the more it is exercised. Due to self-indulgence, lassitude, mental laziness, many people leave to others the task of reasoning and then accept the ideas of others as if they were their own. Hence the sectarian movements, composed of numerous followers, always inclined to believe what others believe or pretend to believe, no matter how absurd that belief may be. This is true especially in the ample and deceitful filed of mysticism where spiritualistic investigation of truth is not allowed. Using the insight for research derived from reason, it is not difficult to distinguish the rational from the absurd, the logical from the illogical, right from wrong, and to find the path that will firmly lead man to Truth.

Call of duty 10:
Attracting good, repelling evil and fulfilling one's duty.

Besides other powers, man is endowed with the power of intuition. This quality is more receptive and more developed in some people than in others. With its help, disincarnate spirits (Inferior Astral) that wander in Earth's atmosphere in a disturbed condition interfere with the lives and thoughts of the incarnate spirits. Thus they lead them to the worst actions, and even to obsession, unless they react through reasoning that is set in motion by self-awareness.

Calls for help against such influences, addressed to hypothetical gods and saints, are completely useless. Such calls are usually made by those who are ignorant of the basic, fundamental principles of Universal Life: attraction and repulsion, action and reaction, cause and effect. Man, therefore, needs to know the power of thought, the power of will, the psychic force of attraction which can be exercised for both good and evil purposes, depending on the nature of the thoughts that impel it. Man consequently needs to know the ways and means at his disposal in order to attract good and repel evil.

Only the ignorant will choose materialism, religious or not, which has led mankind to so many failures, in view of the spiritualizing truth so clearly consubstantiated in the rational principles expressed by Christian Rationalism. Man should always be aware of his call of duty, that is, his material and moral duties and social responsibilities. Life demands from every individual, at every turn, an attitude, a gesture, a word which translates into fulfilment of duties or social responsibilities. Fulfilment of duties means honesty, self-respect, dignity, a high moral level and enlightened awareness. Every fulfilled duty represents settlement of an obligation, a step forward, one more point scored on the way to evolution. Human beings should be always on the alert, watchful, mindful of their call of duty (social responsibilities), bearing in mind that whatever obligations someone fails to fulfil in one reincarnation will unfailingly be accumulated in subsequent reincarnations.

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