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This is Christian Rationalism contact center. Please feel free to contact us anytime for genuine, honest and polite questions. You can also email us if you don't agree with our  philosophy and spiritual principles. We are not driven by the purpose of enlisting followers in order to obtain financial support. We are just trying to give our small  comtribution in regard to the true meaning of life which is spiritual evolution, a fact that can only be achieved through countless reincarnations. 

Christian Rationalism is a Doctrine structured in well defined Principles, codified in the book Christian Rationalism, illustrated in the volume Incorporeal Life and developed in several other publications. It teaches how to find the Truth, explains the realities of life through concepts based on the lessons left by the historical Jesus, which successive distortions have made unrecognizable. So this contact center is here to serve you. Get in touch with us. We reply to every single email or letter unless they are uncivilized and therefore ignored.

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