Let us not underestimate the so called "disabled"
Eliane Ramos and Aida Luz

If I can not change the facts in face of serious and incurable illness or of someone with a physical defect, I will endeavor myself to withstand the evils of this situation and take the best advantage of it, not letting me stay broken or even in a bad mood. I will never play the role of "a little poor guy" or martyr of myself against disease and suffering, because I know that everything is transitory: I will try to bear painful and arduous struggle with determination to supplant them. ("Thoughts to live well", by Caruso Samel, p. 43.)


In the silence and warmth of the womb, the fetus finds conditions that will allow it to develop gradually its tiny body. During pregnancy the fetus is assisted by the spirit, which will link itself through fluidic strands, organ by organ, giving to it all the support in order to complete its growing, when the body is ready to come into the world. Hence, pregnant women should take care to stay the shortest time possible in noisy places that we now know to cause discomfort to the developing fetus.

And so the tiny body grows, takes shape, it develops its members according to their vital needs. Outside and alongside the mother's body, there is the spirit of that little body, irradiating it, taking care in detail of its shaping according to its spiritual choice. While still in his world of stage, before the fluid framework of its actions regarding previous incarnations, this spirit made its choices carefully, determining the needs for a new incarnation.

Thus, the spirit feels up of courage and once made his choice, it is ready to come and continue its evolution, what actually happens, from the very moment when the child cries the first time, and then it is incarnated.


Every father, every mother wants the best for their children! But, when a child develops more slowly than the others, demonstrating that he has some limitation or presents some abnormality called by many "disability", it is natural that at first glance, the parents refuse to accept such condition. Many even deny it, others ignore such difficulties, trying to turn a blind eye to the problem.

The child completely ignores that this "disability" comes from the choice made by his own spirit, before the generation of his physical body; and that this is nothing more than his own vehicle while passing through this world in order to evolve spiritually, by recovering debts from previous incarnations.

It is natural to hear from parents and relatives of people bearing disabilities, due to lack of spiritual knowledge, that God chose them to have such children, but the plain truth is that they were who have chosen them as their parents.

All parents want their children always perfect, healthy, strong and robust.

It is very natural that parents serve their children to try to prove his integrity and power and when it happens otherwise they feel frustrated and shaken.

When the dawn of life is illuminated with a birth, thousands are mouths uttering the same questions:

-Is it perfect?
-Is this normal?
-So, is that what matters?

In reality, the answer is no! That is not what matters at all!

And Christian Rationalism is there to teach us and enlighten us that what really matters is the spirit which is embodied in that physical body, making its evolution!

Clarifying Spiritually

This is why it becomes imperative for the parents to know about their astral and physical composition; to understand that the creature is composed of Matter and Force, as well as the entire Universe

If until now there has been an almost total lack of spiritual knowledge, it came the time to leave behind the spiritual ignorance, thinking that the study is good for others, sometimes even with the awareness that they ought to know better, but leaving them to walk adrift, to enjoy while young life's pleasures.

There is nothing sadder than the so-called blind purposeful. How often, even before a family is formed, the loving couple is expecting a child without having built the foundations necessary for their own marriage and much less they are prepared to accept a child at birth, which occurs in a manner almost unconscious .

There are cases in which the new-born brings a mal-formation body and his parents does not know how to face this reality; and even so, the mother still hopes of finding a solution to cure the fruit of her womb. When a man without spiritual knowledge deviates a bit or permanently of the woman that served as a mother to his child, it becomes evident reality that he evades his responsibility. A man ought to share the joy with his wife at the moment of the birth of a child, since the fact of the little body having a physical defect is no reason for the baby to be less loved. Rather, this child has more need of love in order to win his fear and still feeling the same rights to another child.

How different it would be if the parents were spiritually enlightened! The basic nuclear family must be a strong support, with realistic ideas, always directed to the family welfare. A well established family can overcome all the bad tempests that always appear if their members do actually face each other and meet their needs, and know their possibilities and limitations.

Through the principles of Christian Rationalism doctrine it is possible for anyone to learn how to live well and support all these problems. Those who follow mentioned principles are ready to move on, and little by little, correct their errors by facing up their sufferings and minimizing them. They will also have a strong belief for a decent life, always facing work with positive thinking, always looking to grow, albeit slowly, under safe rules, and they will be ready to overcome bad situations.

We advise those parents to look into their conscience. They should envisage that their children were born mal-formed, showing to them no grief, insecurity, shame or anger. They need the understanding of your eyes to grasp hope in order to overcome their defects, if possible, through medical care, which now is not so precarious as before.. However, if the resources of medicine are not sufficient, give them support to get independence for their own qualities.

If you acquire the teachings that are lavished by Christian Rationalism, you will conclude that your children have chosen to incarnate in your family on the basis of love. Otherwise, the silence and surrounded by impressive critical and punitive looks, the child grows as if he is begging:

- Look at me and accept me as I am! Do understand that I am an evolving spirit like you!

No human being likes to be treated with indifference, because he is different from others. After all, we are all equal, we are particles of EVERYTHING, we are here to evolve, and we are all brothers in essence.

When mankind will become enlightened by Christian Rationalism teachings, the word DISABLED will cease to have force.

The end of prejudice

Due to the prejudice that is continuously growing in the Earth, instead of lessening, and because spiritual enlightment is lacking, many people hide their children or loved ones. This is true for parents of children carrying mental and/or physical limitations. They act like that to avoid pain and suffering for their children and themselves.

The word "disabled" seems to be the right one chosen by the majority of human beings as the most accurate to identify all those who are born or acquired after birth, any difficulty or any insufficiency.

But, those who deal directly with these incarnated particles, our brothers in essence and treat them responsibly and with professional love, like teachers, doctors, therapists and other professionals, such creatures are defined as "special" or "different."

The famous "poor little guy" does not exist in the vocabulary of spiritually enlightened creature.

This word was not created to describe people with limitations, as any carrier of limitations has his efficiency has his capacity and has special touch for something that just needs to be discovered and exploited. We are all just spirits that embody this world-school to fulfill our evolutionary stage, regardless of physical ability and limitations of each one.

If everyone had actual knowledge of the two constituents of the human beings - "Force and Matter" and studied the truths explained in a rationalist Christian House, it would become easier to abolish, for once, the word DISABLED and the strength that it has to weaken further more people living under such situations.

We must show and prove to the whole society that the majority of people with any type of limitation are not incapable of doing things that other people can do. Such creatures should never be considered DISABLED in the true sense of the word, because in reality, they are not incapable. Sometimes, it happens that, for them to perform a job, it takes more time than would be done by a person who had no limitations. In the other hand, it is not uncommon to find more perfect tasks when run by people with limitations, since in fact of living "in a world apart," they are entirely devoted to do their work with care and great perfection.

We can not fail to refer to people with Down's syndrome. These wonderful little creatures that look at us with immense affection, who see no evil in anything indulge with a willingness and interest to everything they do. There are exceptions, but this is not a general rule and many times this happens for those who have had no help to situate and integrate himself into society.

We also want to draw your attention to those artists who, having no hands, sometimes no arms or hands, make several works of art, such as drawing and painting.

How much are we moved to see these artists holding their brush or pencil with the mouth or the feet, drawing and painting beautiful drawings! How much sensitivity and skill they have!

For us, deficient is he who can not change his own life, accepting the impositions of other people or society in which they live. Deficient is everyone who sees the creature physically limited, a being who is there to increase the population without right to enjoy the same benefits of the one who is considered "normal".

Therefore, any and every creature has its power and performance can and should contribute to society, showing what she can do, because surely no longer role models for many generations.

Disabled do not exist, what exists is a lack of spiritual enlightenment to understand life in its fullest expression, in order to understand the spiritual laws.

October 26, 2010.

• The version to English of this article was made by Caruso Samel, who writes in English as a second language.
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