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This is a page for ethical articles. We will avoid anything that does not conform to normal standards of social, ethical and moral principles. The articles published in this section of the site, are mainly based on the christian morality, that is, supported on ethical principles like decency, honesty, justice, fairness, etc. However, Christian morality should not be confused with biblical morality, because Christian Rationalism does not follow the Bible and does not agree with the way Christ is portrayed in it. We are referring to morality free from obsolete concepts linked to religious dogmas. 

Our ethical articles are also under the flag of Truth. For a long time, well-known spiritualists have been complaining against the age-old mistake of concealing truth from humanity and keeping people in complete ignorance of the principles which explain our existence in this physical world. "Ignorance of Truth is one of the greatest evils which afflict the world," asserted Plato. Jesus backed him up when he said: "Only Truth can free humanity from the claws of ignorance and prepare it for the fulfilment of duty."

Only these positions will lead us to the kind of ethical articles that the readers of this site fully deserve.

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