Free will and Will 
Power to succeed in life.

Free will and will power are spiritual gifts controlled by the conscious choice of each individual, which, when well used, is guided by reason. The greater the power of reasoning, the easier it becomes to control these spiritual powers. With them people can have complete freedom of action, both for good and evil purposes. Free and will powers begin to emerge when the intelligent particle of Force reaches the stage of evolution that permits incarnation in a human body. At this stage, as it is easy to understand, knowledge about evolution is totally lacking. Nevertheless the spirit is already aware of the distinction between good and evil.

The most powerful levers to succeed.

Improper use of free will and will power results from low reasoning capacity, the development of vices and bad habits, as well as the harbouring of inferior feelings, among which wickedness is outstanding. Wickedness is an unequivocal sign of spiritual inferiority. It reveals a spirit not yet sufficiently polished and makes clear that its vibrations are identical to those of the less developed spiritual strata of humanity. Under the influence of these harmful habits which are detrimental to good health and spiritual evolution, man becomes saturated with sensual vibrations that lead him to lose his self-respect and act in a reproachable manner. On the other hand, will power used for the good of all, is the most powerful lever that the spirit can use to succeed. There is no stumbling block within human limitations, which the spirit cannot overcome. The good use of free will and will power have the capability to conquer all weaknesses, all passions, all vices, all intemperate desires, as long as man knows how to consciously make use of these superior qualities.

Good use of these qualities.

It is a crime worthy of the most severe condemnation to use one's free will to slander, intrigue, sneer, defame, or discredit one's fellow-man. Those who act in such manner, will not escape spiritual justice under the univeral law of cause and effect. In due time the individual who causes suffering to his fellow-man, will reap the fruits of the seeds scattered by him on Earth, no matter how many times he may have escaped man's justice, which so often fails in the judgement of human behavior. Contrary to some beliefs, there are no astral courts pronouncing spiritual sentences on the defendant. It is the spirit itself that voluntarily submits to spiritual justice. Free from all earthly influences, when it ascends to his spiritual plane after physical death, the spirit makes a detailed review of all its actions, of which not a single one escapes its judgement. Overcome by feelings of remorse, the spirit yearns for a new reincarnation and becomes anxious to give as much of itself as necessary to recover the time lost on Earth as quickly as possible.

Changing the course of your life.

People, who in reality are incarnate spirits (souls) in a physical world, have enough power to change the course of their lives at any time by proper use of their free will and will power. They are qualities that lead to victory, those who know how to foster them even during the most arduous struggles of life. They are the result of a sequence of successes, achieved in previous reincarnations with effort and determination and are insurmountable fortresses for the spirit and expressions of its valor. They are also the craftsmen of soul's happy or unhappy future, of his own success or failure. The future of any human being now or in future reincarnations, will be what is being planned and done now. As there is much to be done, man needs to be always attentive to his duties and endeavour to use his free will and will power, in ways that will safeguard his future and make his journey easier. No one is required to give more than he can give. Good use of free will is within everyone's capacity. Why, then, make mistakes that torment oneself? Why do so many people allow themselves to be absorbed by wicked thoughts leading to evil acts and deceitful sensations of earthly feelings? It is therefore in human interest to know the responsibility man holds in the control of his free will and will power. This responsibility is an integral part of life.

The harms resulting from ignorance of the role played by free will in human life are incalculable. If free will were properly used, there would not be so many wasted reincarnations. The spirit's journey on Earth, in successive stages, is undeniably long. However, all steps can be climbed without useless repetitions if people learn how to use their ability to choose, for the good of the community they live in. Unfortunately a large portion of humanity knows little about free will and will power. Many are even unaware of their existence. The multisecular misconception of regarding life as one sole incarnation has contributed decisively to this ignorance. And humanity has paid a very high price for this error.

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