This incredible Universe !

We really live in an incredible Universe ! No matter how much man can expand his knowledge, no matter how much he will analyse and research, he will not be able to penetrate the whole infinite extension of the Universe from the limited position he occupies of Earth. Those who are trying to comprehend the Universe totally, are wasting their time because only Universal Intelligence holds such complete knowledge.

Planets and solar systems.

This planet, which serves as a school to billions of incarnate spirits, is, like myriads of other planets, just a speck of dust in relation to Infinite Space. Earth is part of a modest solar system belonging to a larger star family called galaxy. The solar system of which Earth is a part comprises a small number of planets revolving around the sun. Apart from the planets, the other stars seen in the sky are suns and, therefore, centres of solar systems. There are solar systems both smaller and larger than the one which contains the Earth. In our incredible Universe, there are also other solar systems which are very complex, with various suns of different colours, producing changing lights of several shades which vary with the sunrise and sunset of each sun.

The light given off by solar bodies, identical to that of earthly matter, should not be confused with Astral Light, which represents Intelligent Force and fills Infinite Space. Astral Light has an entirely different composition. The darkness of night is no obstacle to the spirit. It can see through Astral Light which penetrates all bodies, down to the smallest spot in space. Day and night express periods related only to earthly life.

Incredible Universe of Galaxies.

A galaxy is an extensive family of solar systems which number in the millions. Our Galaxy, known as the Milky Way, is huge, but we should not lose sight of the fact that there are incomparably larger galaxies than ours, just as there are suns in the galaxy, which are dozens of millions of times larger than ours, although our sun is so large in comparison to Earth that it contains much more than a million times Earth's volume.

The distance from one galaxy to the next is of such magnitude that it surpasses the understanding of the incarnate spirit of average perception. Nevertheless one galaxy, with its thousands or millions of solar systems, represents no more, in comparison with the infinite extension of space, than a meaningless isle in the ocean or, even less, a tiny speck in our incredible Universe. This relativity of magnitudes invites meditation on the grandeur of the Universe and the very humble role of our planet in the composition of the whole.

Billions and billions of spirits in this incredible Universe.

And if the composition of our planet is humble, so are its inhabitants; humble in intelligence, in spirituality, in evolution. If everybody were inwardly aware of this reality, there would be no place for self-conceit and foolish pride which reflect merely a state pertaining to Earth, and demonstrate the ignorance and spiritual inferiority of its inhabitants. To give an idea, although imprecise, of how many billions times billions of spirits in evolution there are in each galaxy, it is enough to take into account the millions of solar systems contained in each galaxy and to consider that a countless number of planets revolves around each solar system. If in this planet, which is one of the smallest, about 6 billion spirits are undergoing the process of evolution, consequently in proportion this number cannot be smaller in other planets.

What is the reall meaning of Creation ?

Universal Intelligence, from which thought comes forth, in its utmost expression, has unlimited power. Nothing exists in the Universe without a cause. Nothing was created by chance because everything followed a pre-established determination, even in the smallest details. The meaning of "creation"  indicates transformation of matter through the action of Intelligent Force. The idealization of the planets conforms to the requirements of evolution.

Universal Intelligence and a perfect incredible Universe.

Thus, from reincarnation to reincarnation, the spirit promotes its evolution on this planet up to a certain limit. Afterwards evolution proceeds in another environment where psychic and physical conditions follow a different pattern. All the revolving disposition of precise, unchangeable movements of planets, stars and galaxies, is the work of Universal Intelligence, for a single purpose: to provide the particles of the Whole with means to evolve and climb, one by one, the lengthy steps of spiritual evolution.

The work of nature contains neither errors nor flaws. Its laws are unchangeable, its movements mathematically precise. Even the least common events which may occur at variable times are no more than logical consequences of the unfolding of life itself, which is full of actions and reactions, causes and effects, but always on the way to final balance. The Universe is filled with Force and Matter. Nothing is lost or gained. There are no surpluses or losses. The equilibrium of laws can be seen in both the macrocosm and the microcosm, in both the immeasurably large and the immeasurably small. Beyond the visual reach of man, in the infinite as well as the infinitesimal, Life goes on continuously, integrally, harmonically, manifesting the most varied vibration and the spirits in evolution in the Universe act and progress in co-ordination with each other in their respective places and planes, fully in accordance with the unchangeable Laws of our incredible Universe.

Space and Time.

Incidentally, Space and Time are relativities which have a different meaning in a physical environment like Earth. However in universal terms Space and Time can only be poorly defined by human language in view of the dimensions of the Infinite. For Universal Intelligence there is, with respect to Space and Time, just a sort of Eternal Present, an idea that cannot be well understood in this world of so many limitations. On the spiritual level life is ruled by other principles, other laws which means that for a spirit free a human body, all dimensions are one and the spirit can be everywhere at all times. The spirit, in its original essence, only as a Force, can make itself present instantly, on one planet as well as another, within its scope, using merely the related magnetised field of the Infinite Force which is a component of the Whole (Universal Intelligence).

Other regions of the Universe.

On the spiritual level, there is an enormous community of spirits in an infinite evolutionary scale, in which all without exception, have a common origin: Creative Force or Universal Intelligence. On the planets scattered over space there are, millions and millions of spirits at each level of evolution. Even here on Earth, although rarely, there have been spirits of above-average evolution which have incarnated to help the evolution of mankind. Many others of the same evolutionary level are spiritually active in other regions of our amazing and incredible Universe.

Classes of Evolution

The spirits that are undergoing evolution on Earth belong to the first 17 classes of a total of 33. These classes are mentioned in this page, merely to facilitate the reader's understanding. Above class 17, only exceptionally does a spirit incarnates on Earth, not because its own evolution so requires, but to help humanity rise spiritually, in a fine and voluntary gesture of self-denial and unselfishness. Millions of others, of the same category, although they do not incarnate, devote themselves to help the spiritual growth of less developed spirits incarnated on Earth.

Distributed over a series of 33 classes all over a marvellous and incredible Universe, according to the degree of development of each spirit, they make their evolution beginning with the following order of spiritual worlds or planes:

- Materialised spiritual worlds - spirits from the 1st to the 5th class.
- Opaque spiritual worlds - spirits from the 6th to the 11th class.
- White spiritual worlds - spirits from the 12th to the 17th class.
- Diaphanous spiritual worlds - spirits from the 18th to the 25th class.
- Very pure light spiritual worlds - spirits from the 26th to the 33rd class.

Worlds may also be classified in two large categories: internship-spiritual worlds and school-planets. To the former go those spirits which disincarnate, leave Earth's atmosphere and rise to a world corresponding to their own class where no spirits of different classes stay together.

School Planets.

School planets are identical in nature to ours. For this reason, spirits of various classes reach them in order to promote an interchange of intellectual, moral and spiritual knowledge among themselves. Earth is a school planet where the first 17 classes, of a total of 33, promote their own evolution, starting with the first and ending with the 17th, along periods of time which vary widely from one spirit to another but always in the range of thousands and thousands of years.

In the spiritual worlds of our incredible Universe, there are no privileges or paternalism for ascending from one class to the next. The principles of justice is based on the law of equality. Every spirit must overcome identical difficulties and succeed through its own efforts. Not making good use of a reincarnation inescapably results in the need to repeat it and the spirit will have to undergo the same tribulations until it is able to overcome its vices and weaknesses and recover the time lost.

The spirit, when on the spiritual world corresponding to its own degree of spirituality, has full knowledge of what takes place on the spiritual worlds corresponding to classes inferior to its own, but is unaware of what occurs in the classes above its own. Realising, however, the enormous advantages of ascending to higher classes, the spirit lives under the unrestrained desire to move ahead in order to gain new knowledge and further its spiritual qualities. On the spiritual world corresponding to its own class, the spirit makes plans for a new incarnation from which it eagerly wants to take the maximum advantage. Its greatest hope is not to waste time on Earth, not to fail, not to render useless the sacrifice of incarnation.

The spirits of inferior classes, especially the first, reincarnate under the guidance of more advanced ones. They are like children who need to be escorted to kindergarten. In the school planets, emotions are a part of daily life. They are shared indiscriminately by all its inhabitants. When man rises above the feelings of poverty and wealth which are at the end of the list of those emotions, then he is in fact awakened to spiritual life. As it advances, the spirit becomes acquainted with the things of the Universe. If there is much to be learned on Earth, so much more there is in our incredible Universe.

Our position in this incredible Universe of ours.

There is one duty which should be common to all: to work towards evolution. Everyone must take his place and strive to fulfil his duty with the conviction that he holds a definite, irreplaceable position in the Universe. Millions of spirits incarnated on Earth feel apprehensive due to the lack of a guiding light. If the guiding light that was the doctrine of Jesus about twenty centuries ago had not been misunderstood and thus partially extinguished, many millions of spirits still incarnated today would have long ago finished their passage through this planet and would already be active in other regions of the Universe. Time lost cannot be recovered. It is like water under the bridge. It is up to Christian Rationalism to fulfil a great and noble mission, a mission that is arduous and still not understood by many: to restore Truth and to re-introduce the magnificent teachings of Jesus on Earth.

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