A small, Jesus biography.

There is some interest in the Jesus biography but all of them are founded on biblical teachings which Christian Rationalism totally disagrees with. Therefore our views on the historical Jesus differ considerably from what you may have learned before,  in regard to this remarkable man. 

According to independent biographers like Strauss, Lichtenberger, Renan and Keim, the Christ portrayed by some religions never really existed. Jesus was just a man. A great man indeed and a great soul, but nothing more than a human being whose father was Joseph and his mother was Mary. The idea that Jesus was born because of the holy ghost is somewhat offensive to a faithful woman like the mother of Jesus. 

This is in our view a more logical Jesus biography that any other you may have read before and according to his biographers, Jesus was part of a big family and had brothers and sisters. He was influenced by a philosopher called Hilel who fifty years before had established maxims that had similarities with the aphorisms expressed by Jesus later on. Therefore we can say that Hilel was Jesus' master.

Also, those who have written an alternative Jesus biography believe he was never the founder of the biblical Christianism and that in his public dissertations he suggested that religions were accountable for different aspects of discrimination and thus a reason to polarise people. He therefore defended that people, independently of their beliefs should get closer to each other based on feelings of fraternity. This is important because many people think that if you are not a religious person, then you are an atheist. That is not so. As Jesus suggested, you can believe in the existence of the soul and its survival after physical death, and not be associated with any religion. You can also be a Christian and not believe in the Bible.

His biographers also believe that the so called miracle cures attributed to Jesus were greatly exaggerated. He, like everybody else could not change the laws of the Universe. He was however capable of influencing people and educated many to exercise the power of thought to change their behaviour and thus improve the state of their physical and mental health.

The word resurrection is probably one of the greatest misunderstandings of Jesus teachings. He never mentioned the resurrection of the physical body. What he meant for resurrection was that all human beings must redeem themselves of their wrongdoings. And the only way one can redeem past or present offending acts is through the law of reincarnation.

Furthermore, the same people who wrote the alternative Jesus biography, which in our opinion is the real one, are convinced that he never conceived the idea of a book that contained a code or articles of faith and thus he was against any concept of religious and "sacred" books.

Since Jesus Christ left a legacy of strong moral principles that everybody should follow, independently of their beliefs, therefore a Christian can in fact be anyone. Atheists, Buddhists, Islamists, Jews, etc, can be Christians, even if unaware of it. Therefore, you do not have to follow a biblical religion to be a Christian. All you have to do is to base all your acts on highly moral and ethical principles. If your behavior is in accordance with the Christian morality (non-biblical), which is a universal morality, then you are a Christian even if you don't think you are. 

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