Meeting people for the 
evolution of the spirit.

Meeting people is part of life on Earth. We cannot go out without seeing people everywhere and get in contact with them. It is also the way to learn from others and impart our skills, knowledge and spiritual values to them. Everyday of our lives we can find plenty of opportunities to establish contacts with other people in a wide variety of situations, sharing with them new experiences and knowledge. It is this contact with people, not only in our current physical life but also in countless previous reincarnations, that leads us to intelectual and spiritual evolution, which is after all, the purpose of life on Earth. The people we meet are thus instruments to help us in our evolutionary trajectory and the world itself can be regarded as a workshop or a school.

Meeting people in a workshop and school world .

Since meeting people is part of our spiritual evolution and the world can be like a workshop, therefore, when a spirit or soul arrives on Earth for another physical life, it is a bit like an apprentice arriving at a workshop, which offers the individual the raw material to be manipulated, as well as the possibility to learn from the people who are more advanced in the trade. As a result, the spirit (soul) in time will improves its skills, in the same way an apprentice will improve his trade in a workshop.

Just like schools, the world offers any individual, the chance of meeting people and the soul of any person will have the opportunity to attend two different types of classes, always involving contacts with a multitude of people: One class is dedicated to the instruction or development of intelectual knowledge and the other class is devoted to moral education. In this school world called Earth, the classes for the development of intelectual ability is so comprehensive and so rich, that no student has been able to complete the course without a large number or diligent enrolments (reincarnations). Not even one incarnated spirit will ever be able to develop its intelectual skills in one single incarnation.

The number of classes in the school of moral education are even greater. This is a course that will involve meeting people in large numbers, is made up of a large curriculum and a great diversity of subjects, each one of them more difficult than the previous one. Subjects of study range from simple negative habits that must be altered, to ingrained vices and serious moral evils that must be corrected. This meeting people and ethics course, comprises moral education for all moral transgressions: vanity, indolence, lechery, envy, slander, falseness, stealing, jealousy, rage, hatred, conceit and so many other vices and moral imperfections that make man so unhappy and contribute for the backwardness of humanity.

Either in intelectual or moral education, reincarnation or the return of the soul to a corporeal life, is like a new enrolment in a school. That is not only essential but is also the only way to attend classes of spiritual evolution. Without that attendance the soul will not evolve and without evolution, it will never be able to ascend to higher spiritual levels. The spirit will instead remain in the school without the right of being examined and thus the right to continue its progress. This can only be achieved with reincarnation. The enrolment (reincarnation), involving meeting of people on this physical world, will be repeated as many times as necessary for a complete and perfect qualification of the soul, which must be demonstrated by indisputable evidence. Then and only then the spirit will be pure and capable of ascending to higher spiritual levels where reincarnation will no longer be necessary.

In the book Christian Rationalism from which part of this site is based, there is a chapter called "Synthesis of Rationalistic Principles" which are behavioural guidelines and principles suited for each occasion in life, to ensure success in life and good spiritual attendance. Among those principles we would like to emphasize the ones related to the topic Meeting People

Lend a helping hand to whoever needs it, whenever the available means and the opportunity allows it.

Forget those who have perpetrated offence, treason, and ingratitude.

Refrain from social contact with people who lack moral character.

Minimise the time spent with dishonest individuals whom business interests may force one to have contact with and to forget them immediately thereafter.

Refine to the utmost the brotherly feeling of friendship towards good people, having in mind the intensification of the affinitive current in our planet, for the common good.

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