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The great majority of people, who do not have understanding of spirituality, do not see life as a vast school. In a traditional school, there are many subjects to be studied, such as in Math, Biology, Language, and so forth, and many questions to be answered in each lesson.

As the individual begins to understand spirituality, he or she commences to understand the immense classroom that Life is and the innumerous personal lessons to be learned each at a time.

Therefore, it is necessary to make use of reasoning with tranquility and willpower with intensity to resolve each problem as it appears, one by one, with valor and courage, understanding that setbacks exist for us to overcome, to teach us life’s lessons, and not to run away from.

As many individuals are unaware of spiritual true reality, many might think they are not the ones to blame for the problems that surface or not the ones responsible for the difficulties they have caused for others.

From the moment people study themselves following Christian Rationalism’s philosophy, they strengthen their souls with these spiritual principles and discipline and they begin reasoning about every difficult situation that they have been through, having mindfulness that their problems will be resolved by themselves and not by divine entities.

The attendees of the public meetings at Christian Rationalism’s sites should not believe that they have arrived at a place where their individual dramas will be resolved by superior entities and that everything will be all right when they come back to their homes. This is not the way that problems are solved. It is essential that one bring spiritual understanding to life in order to attract the Superior Astral and their beneficial fluids. In order to overcome setbacks, the Superior Forces’ intuitions should be put in practice with optimism.

Therefore, it is important to have in your minds the spiritual reality. Do not harbor illusions with vain promises, thinking that divine entities will solve our life’s problems. It is crucial to have self-confidence, understanding that the solution comes from us as long as we have good thoughts, rational reasoning, and willpower.

Antonio Cottas

The way that individuals vibrate their own thoughts and demonstrate their own sentiments reflects their level of spiritual development. The spiritual baggage of each individual is revealed in his or her actions. Hence, everyday thoughts and sentiments lead to success or to failure in life.

The one who has righteous thoughts attracts the Good and, in general, practices Good deeds.

The one who has evil thoughts attracts evil. As a person emits damaging thoughts towards the self or others, he or she will be feeding the negative currents that crisscross Earth’s fluidic atmosphere and begin to be influenced by these deleterious forces that they attract to themselves.

It is understood that Earth is a school-planet in which individuals of heterogeneous spirituality interact. Therefore, we should not look back or to the side but look forward, passing straight through human malice, because there is a lot of work to do intimately on our own selves such as the tendencies of our character to improve our attributes and grow spiritually, conquering happiness as a result of the fulfillment of our duties.

The one who practices evil will not have peace of mind since the spirit incarnates with one’s individual disposition to practice the Good in order to evolve. When individuals distance themselves from the objectives planned in their astral worlds, they contract spiritual debts, which are conduct deviations to be eliminated from the fluidic body at any cost—even if our negative actions bring delusive material gains—because the real gains are the spiritual ones conquered in our path of progressive evolution.

Study spirituality; study the evolutionary laws, such as the laws of attraction and cause and effect, in order to shape your own lucid, reasoned conclusions. Face holdups naturally; do not overthink your setbacks nor give too much importance to your obstacles, as they are all part of life. Do not live with exaggerated sentimentalism, as it will not lead down any useful path. Face life’s realities with optimism, courage, and valor. We are all spiritual, intelligent principles, not just physical bodies. As long as we have discipline in our lives, putting our will power into action, we all have the capacity to respond appropriately to life’s hindrances and get up from the knockdowns of life’s difficulties.

Therefore, do not dread anything, as fears are vibrations attracting disincarnated spirits stagnated on Earth’s fluidic atmosphere, which will influence you negatively. React against the stumbles of life, make good use of your free will, have your thoughts and your will power placed towards the practice of the Good. Practice psychic cleansing daily in your homes and this practice will keep away harmful influences and attract good intuitions, fulfilling your existence, which is always moving forward.

Humberto Rodrigues

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