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When an individual goes through an upset of their moral principles, it is time to look forward and search for answers to the "whys" of existence. It is time to head for a new path and rebuild life, leaving behind the worst of what has happened. It is important to hold intimately only to what could be beneficial for the future, which is the knowledge we acquire through harvesting from life's experiences.

Christian Rationalist sites are spiritual schools that teach each attendant of our public meetings to walk through the path of evolution, to live with dignity, and to overcome daily problems through wisdom, facing them with valor and courage.

Life becomes a wonderful experience for the spirit, when individuals know the reason they came to Earth, placing oneself above any human malice, and leading life through the practice of the Good, Keeping high thoughts, one searches for the pure and crystal clear inspiration that comes from raised spiritual spheres. Enlightened spirits that, during their corporeal life, have conquered elevated evolutionary plateaus, nowadays work in astral paths and assist the ones who understand how to attract their useful intuitions and their beneficial astral fluids, both truly real balms to strengthen weakened bodies.

It is important to shape your lives around a solid spirituality by learning how to bear thoughts that tend towards the practice of the Good-towards Fraternal Love-in order to own a better tomorrow.

Christian Rationalism's principles offer a code of conduct aiming at the spiritual evolution of humanity. Therefore, attending a meeting at a Christian Rationalist site is a magnificent opportunity to spiritualize yourself. The individuals who seize this opportunity will gain the necessary assistance to free themselves from the past and engage their efforts on behalf of a better future full of accomplishments.

Antonio Cottas

Does this spiritual philosophy rise above all the others, offering a true supremacy of knowledge to the attendees of the public meetings ministered at Christian Rationalism' sites, knowledge which is modeled through the example of a talented person? Of course, these are not this philosophy's propositions. It is not what we offer to the people who look for our sites or to the studiousness of spiritualism for guidance.

Pay close attention to what happens during a public meeting: they are comprised of thoughts emanated by attendees relating their psychic difficulties. There are disembodied spirit manifestations exposing their anguish and longings, which keep them tied to the Earth's fluidic atmosphere. All of this is intuited and transmitted by disciplined Mediums assisted by the Superior Forces through the formation of a fluidic current. To each statement transmitted by the Medium, there is an orientation from the meetings' front-runner that elucidates the attendees.

There are many ways of life presented during the public meetings; therefore, we do not offer a unique solution to solve all the problems of humanity. Instead, Christian Rationalism recommends a pathway that leads people towards their spiritual growth so that they can formulate their own lives.

You may ask, what does it mean to "formulate your own life." The formulation of our own lives begins with spiritual awakening. It is essential to know the spiritual truths stated by Christian Rationalism; for instance, that the spirit is an emanation of the Universal Intelligence and therefore eternal and that humankind in its evolution on the planet Earth is comprised of the binomial pair of Intelligent Principle and Matter, which are as dense as they are fluidic; that the spirit, astral body, and physical body are all subject to Evolutionary Laws that are natural and immutable. It is also indispensable to know that the Act of Thought, being a spiritual vibration, becomes the foremost mechanism that the individual has, within their own capabilities, to expand their self-awareness.

Understanding these teachings and all that this philosophy explains, every person can obtain the happiness desired from life. Having a stable family, work that brings broad satisfaction, and trustworthy friends are all distinct possibilities through true spirituality.

To be excessively concerned with daily problems, thinking they are unsolvable, is a mistake that many commit. Not following a method of self-help but equipped with the teachings of this philosophy, each person can, however, resolve their difficulties. Since individuals have numerous degrees of evolution, Christian Rationalism does not have a life-in-a-bottle formula ready for anybody. Each person understands these teachings according to their advancement. One will put into practice, as he or she accepts these teachings and develops their will power, an attribute that leads towards success, if it is well accomplished.

What are the initiatives recommended by Christian Rationalist philosophy to the attendees who are suffering from psychic matters? Not only they are offered the books available at hand but they are invited to come and voice their issues and questions to one of our sites' frontrunners for pieces of information during our personalized individual assistance meetings so that the attendees can act according to their reasoning developed through earned spiritual awakening. The real battle is not against any person, but against our own ways of living that afflict us. There are negative thoughts and feelings to be fought against and exchanged for Good reflections and sentiments based in the foremost moral quality harmonized with the Whole Universe, bringing inner peace.

In fact, we can elucidate Christian Rationalism's objective in just a few words: to help individuals so that they can assist themselves, aid their counterparts, and relieve humankind. We need each other during our evolutionary path through life's challenges, happiness, and sadness. All of these are necessary in our steps forward toward fulfilled spirituality. Our goal, at the end of our journey, is to grasp what has real value, leaving Earth's fluidic atmosphere and rising towards the Astral Worlds, where we belong, in order to glorify our own accomplishments.

Humberto Rodrigues

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