Monthly Reading - January 2015

All that glitters is not gold is a well-known saying, meaning that not everything that is shiny or superficially attractive is valuable. There are many things that look precious or true, but not all turns out to be so. A superficial glow does not determine real moral quality. Moral quality is revealed through modesty, unpretentiousness, and day-to-day humbleness. Individuals who are always in the quest for attention end up overestimating themselves, and as a consequence, the merit of their own undertaking is understated even if the latter is a distinctive one.

We have stated the following many times: those who utterly need to show off are hiding vanity behind it all, harming their own spiritual enlightenment and growth. Even if the accomplishment was a great one, if it is done through a disguised humility, the vanity trait will end up betraying the author of the accomplishment-at some point, those nearby will notice this characteristic transpiring. Ventures that are accomplished in order to satisfy a self-conceit do not enhance, by any means, our spiritual enlightenment or development.

Individuals who are truly humble will not expect any reward other than having the satisfaction of spreading the good amongst everyone. There are many Good Samaritans are out there living under their own modesty, unconcerned about having their names announced due to their beneficial work!

Vanity is a rotten evil surrounding humankind because this trait makes individuals proud and arrogant. Arrogant individuals eventually allow this negative sentiment to manifest at some point. When they are inevitably unsatisfied with their self-conceited needs, they revolt themselves, while those who are not arrogant are spontaneous and invariably stable, conducting themselves in a simple and unpretentious way.

The desire to flaunt, to show off, is proof of vanity. Many men and women that were prized while they were modest lost this moral quality when they reached a significant position. When they maintained a respectful modesty, they were productive and notable. However, when they became noticeable, they overestimated themselves through pride and self-conceit, trying to grow at any cost and by any means, spoiling everything they had conquered earlier. We have many blatant examples of this unavailingness.

Therefore, we should live an understanding life, knowing how to bear ourselves without ostentation and futility, behaving always with moderation in everything we do. Every one of us should care to act commendably without worrying about others' opinions. Unfortunately, there are always vain individuals judging everyone by their very own traits.

We should be ready to live a wise and a balanced life according to our own minds. If we have done something good, we should feel happy about it without expecting to be praised, understanding that some compliments are genuine while others are not. We should not trust individuals who give compliments or augment our accomplishments due to self-interest, and, therefore, without honesty.

Those who proceed according to these spiritual principles continue securely their walk of life while fulfilling their calling. They are rewarded for conforming to these principles, because there is nothing more important then having the inner peace that comes with embracing their responsibilities.

Therefore, behave as well-balanced and modest people by having righteous and honest bearings. You should intend to conduct your life differently from the lives of those deprived of the knowledge of spiritual values. Get rid of the bad and practice the good in order to fulfill your existence with peace of mind and without arrogance and vanity.

Luiz de Mattos

Halt discouragement due to life's battles and burdens! Discouragement shows a lack of confidence in the potential to resolve our own difficulties. Setbacks are a natural consequence of living in this world; they are a response to upsetting the natural laws that rule the Universe. Dismay weakens the spirit, the keeper of valuable complements that ignites the creation of ideas and images, enabling cohesive conclusions and adequate solutions through logical reasoning and common sense in order to create a well balanced life, deprived of extravagance but provided with modesty, moderation, and justice.

In connection with our own selves, individuals are able to access their spiritual background experiences earned through multiple existences of the spirit as well as access to the pool of Universal Knowledge via intuition, provided they are able to tune in to the Superior Frequencies of Spirituality. For this, it is necessary that individuals place importance on what is relevant in life, not attaching themselves to the malice present in our existence.

The way of keeping out adverse influences is to not once react to the negative attitudes of others with similar thoughts or sentiments but yet with high spirits. Do not expect miracle plays and divine protections because they do not exist.

Individuals are capable of facing all that confronts them in their lives with value, courage, and adequate use of their free will, harvesting the benefits of spreading the good such as serenity, tranquility, and inner peace desired by each and every one. Everything is conquerable in the world as long as the individual is perseverant in their spiritual goals, which should hold primacy over material ambitions.

Therefore, there is not a single reason to succumb to discouragement. Every individual has the spiritual resources needed to thrive. Study spiritualism, enlighten yourselves, utilize the pool of attributes developed accordingly to each one's degrees of spirituality, and one will be able to seize life's existence by strengthening positive vibrating frequencies. Behaving in this manner, the individual will be assisting themselves and their counterparts to attain the real happiness that is derived from fulfilling their spiritual callings.

Humberto Rodrigues

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