Monthly Reading - July 2015

Everything comes in its own time. However, no one should wait to gain anything without working to get it, as indolence is prejudicial to the evolution of the spirit. It is desirable to wait for better days, but it is fundamental to work for these days to come sooner. Waiting for something without doing anything is not acceptable. The individual who is spiritually enlightened must be proactive and productive. Such a person knows how to act. One must know how to control one's own life, not giving in to idleness.

The spirits incarnate in order to make their own evolutive progress. Man, therefore, is born already knowing that he will find struggles and duties on this school-planet, which he planned in his spiritual world in order to advance. Indolence is a harmful evil to human beings and the cause of much unhappiness. It is a mistake to think that one can cruise through life or live in a bed of roses without being productive.

Those individuals who are in this world without being useful are considered unfortunate, as they are always unhappy. They believe that they are envied, have been persecuted, or have utterly failed. Usually, they think that humanity is ungrateful, but they grasp unhappiness with their own hands. Weakened-willed and placing little importance on their responsibilities, they cannot see themselves as the ones who have caused their own grief. Unleashing their frustrations, they blame others for all that is happening in their lives. They believe that their lives are not good, that they have no luck, and that the world is made only of difficulties. So they present a series of lamentations to cover their failures, to justify their mistakes, and to disguise the apathy in their souls.

Happy are those people who have the will power to succeed, those who work in order to feel accomplished. The ones who do nothing always envy the ones who have earned something, even though the latter worked hard to earn it, putting effort into becoming what they are. In general, unfortunate people are jealous of individuals who succeed and claim that their bad deals are due to external causes, and never due to their own indolence.

Know how to work and how to be productive. The individual whose method does not include parsimony cannot dispatch problems the way they should be dispatched, cannot win, and cannot become what they might otherwise be. It is necessary that one take pleasure in work, making the most of it, rather than concurring with failure. Working is good; it enlightens the spirit. To make good use of time is a necessity, and those who do not will become disturbed. This is why there are so many individuals who are mentally distressed. If they were useful to themselves and to their communities, they would not be suffering the consequences of indolence, and even contracting infirmities because of their own sluggishness. As their thoughts are impregnated with illness, they ensure their own unhappiness.

Therefore, learn to use time wisely, with balance, and you will feel accomplished and happy. Daily life can be complicated at times and only the stronger-willed can win. Always remember this and do not fear anything.

Luiz de Mattos

Many questions regarding the spiritual life arise from a lack of knowledge about what spirituality is. Most individuals are bound exclusively to a material view of earthly life, and so they suffer great struggles. They do not understand the situations they go through and revolt against themselves. They become irritated with their counterparts under any pretext, judging themselves wronged by the very divinities they are connected to, begging for protection. As the attendees of Christian Rationalism's public meetings acquire knowledge, they begin to have a different perception of their realities.

The situations we live out are the consequence of the evolutive laws of cause and effect, to which we all are subjected and which produce variable outcomes according to the use of each individual's free will. Thus, nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason to be. If one practices good deeds, one will have spiritual well being in return. The same is true of malice: evil actions will bring ill being to the spirit.

There are many ways to conduct life as the conditions of the laws of cause and effect proceed; likewise, there are many ways to contract, or not, spiritual debts during our earthly existence. Correcting the faults we have committed also can be done in many ways, within the same existence or in other future incarnations of the spirit. Some work incessantly for the evolution of humanity, finding cures to diseases or making technological advancements, while others dedicate themselves to Culture, and so forth. Thus, spiritual evolution happens in many human circumstances.

Have good thoughts, use your free will towards the practice of the Good, and assist your counterparts, not judging anyone. As you acquire knowledge studying Christian Rationalism, you will have a very different view of the earthly life and understand better the whys of certain situations. The causes that motivate our setbacks are locked in the subconscious, and the difficulties they present should be faced as a necessary practice for spiritual development.

The aim of the Earth school-planet is to make its inhabitants, at each incarnation of the spirit, have a better life than they did in their prior existence, eliminating faults that still exist within the fluidic body. Therefore, make good use of your thoughts before each action; for any individual, minding these thoughts is necessary to fulfilling duties with valor and courage. This is the way that everyone should adopt who wishes to grow in evolution - deepen your spiritual studies in order to improve yourself.

Humberto Rodrigues

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