Monthly Reading - June 2015

Human beings have battles to face their entire lives, have work to be done that brings worries, and to a certain point these are justifiable concerns as they are a part of living. However, we should know that everything in excess is detrimental. One may suffer by anticipation, bringing anxiety into problems that are not real, that are far from even happening, and that do not occur. So, it is important to have emotional control, to not suffer a psychic draining that weakens our physical and mental health.

On Earth, this grand and beautiful planet, many individuals crisscross their paths daily without knowing each other entirely. Enemies from past existences may now become friends or are even dear relatives. The transcendent understanding assists us to sculpt our souls on this school planet through forgetting past existences while incarnated.

Christian Rationalism teaches liveliness during the meetings at our spiritual sites and in our published books, and how individuals should sociably relate to each other and cultivate friendship, striving to be pleasant and also avoiding conviviality when there is no affinity of temperaments.

Nature makes no leaps. Therefore, one should not do anything in haste. It is important that one analyze everything carefully in other to have assorted conclusions. The spiritualized person walks confidently, having self-confidence and leaving behind non-worthy things. The ones who visit a Christian Rationalist site with the desire to learn what spirituality is will truly benefit. Just as they are invigorated, they begin to have self-assurance, not dreading anything, because from fear and uncertainty comes negative thoughts that lead to psychic dysfunction.

High thoughts create a fluidic barrier around the individual that emits them, hindering malicious spirits from the inferior astral to practice their malice. On the contrary, one who is mentally weak and does not know how to think in an elevated way, will see obstacles everywhere and will only the observe flaws in their counterparts. The inferior astral easily manipulates this person, especially the young who depend on him or her since they do not have conditions to defend themselves.

Attend our public meetings frequently in order to change for the better your way of living by applying Christian Rationalism's principles and disciplines that strengthen our souls, enabling us to act with wisdom and conviction, heightening our thoughts at the right moments.

Antonio Cottas

On the planet corresponding to its own degree of spirituality and assisted by Superior Forces, the spirit plans its next incarnation, knowing that it will have to face many battles in this school-planet in order to evolve. Even knowing about these crusades, many incarnate because, in light of their level of evolution, only in this world of the scholarly can the individual can grow.

The individual has registered in his or her subconscious all the plans made while on the planet that corresponded to the particular class of its earthly existence. One cannot have a detailed perception of their plans, but we can be intuitively guided toward our goals by the Superior Forces, as long as we conduct our lives with lucid thought, righteous action, valor, and courage, without despair in the face of our struggles.

The dense fluidic atmosphere that involves the Earth stores countless numbers of disturbed spirits. Even though the Superior Astral, supported by enlightened individuals within Christian Rationalism sites, realize the physic cleansing within the planet, the harmful influences of the obsessed spirits over the incarnated individuals let inferior thoughts and sentiments lead them to end up deviating, sometimes momentarily, from the plans made on their corresponding spiritual planet as conserved in their subconscious minds.

Therefore, we affirm repeatedly that spiritual enlightenment is essential so that individuals can convince themselves that they are composed by the binomial Intelligent Principle and Matter and become aware that they have spiritual attributes to be improved upon, such as intelligence and reasoning, to analyze what they hear and read, arriving at their own conclusions. A well-developed will power makes one able to resist the vices and the mere instinctual impulses, gaining control over themselves in order to control their emotions and longings since the spirit does not incarnate for material conquering but to battle for its own evolution.

It is fundamental to have discipline in life, to exercise one's thoughts toward the practice of the Good, because every thought, being a vibration of the spirit, has an unknown potential. Evil thoughts attract negative influences that interfere in the righteous use of free will, causing difficulty with making decisions. Those who have virtuous thoughts have good intuitions, as they have spiritual assistance.

Hence, practice the strengthening of Thought, exercising the free will faculty towards the Good. Incarnation is a wonderful opportunity to evolve, as there are interactions among many different people with different levels of spirituality. Enjoy the exchange of experiences, learn from them, and open your minds while avoiding pre-conceited ideas and eliminating prejudice. All in life is learning, experience, and the search for understanding.

Therefore, do not dwindle among difficulties since the spirit has setbacks in order to evolve. Do not feel as if you are a victim and do not attach yourself to sentimentalisms, almost always exacerbated and improper. Everything happens for a reason and occurs in life in a determined moment according to the use of the free will. Spiritual enlightenment eases this understanding, helping us to face facts naturally and with resignation so that we can have mild difficulties in life.

Humberto Rodrigues

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