Monthly Reading - March 2015

The aim of Christian Rationalism is to awaken individuals to spirituality and, in this way, to free them from the thought of malice, which induces psychic and physical disorders. Our philosophy recommends that everyone reason about their actions and observe their surroundings in such a way that they can justifiably progress.

In life's daily battles, every individual has a role to fulfill. It's a shame, though, that not everyone knows how play his or her part. Having love for one's work is a spiritual necessity, but there are many individuals who work for obligation and not for the duty of being productive or useful to the world.

For too many people, work is merely a mandatory task required to pay their bills and to accomplish their own needs only. Once they have their very basic essentials satisfied, they do nothing. One of the malicious parasites on humankind is work disaffection and the dreadful fear of assuming responsibilities.

There are many individuals who do not want to make a sacrifice: they are indolent; they look for the easiest part of the work in the hope of not overworking their bodies. But they are misled. Acting this way, they are deceiving their spirits and delaying their spiritual evolution. Sometimes, it is necessary to speak this truth a little harshly so that these inattentive individuals can awaken. Too much courtesy will not allow them to grasp this life's reality.

Everyone can find, within Christian Rationalist philosophy, the necessary enlightenment one needs to conquer their spiritual evolution and their material progress. In spiritual awakening, one will notice their mistakes and will head towards a new path. The studious of Christian Rationalism will find within our principles something new that serves them as an orientation.

Nothing in this world is easy: there is countless bitterness and suffering. However, men and women have the duty to endure and to surpass setbacks with dignity and integrity and without fearing anything. A good fighter has no worries, facing life with strength and determination and ending up victorious.

At a time when humanity becomes spiritually enlightened, giving value to individual personalities, we can all discover intimately our superior traits and begin to live with tranquility. One's ideal is conquered with valor and courage, but cowardliness is natural for those who do not have an ideal in life. Hence, genuine Christian Rationalists are courageous spiritualists.

Luiz de Mattos

Family is the fundamental pillar of a well-established society and should be preserved at all costs. Marital misunderstandings, disputes, and arguments can be avoided with mental balance and self-control so that family unity, spiritual love, and mutual respect are intact.

If families have kids, the responsibilities of fathers and mothers are yet more superior. Parents ought to strive to educate their children because they have welcomed into their families these embodied souls who incarnated to continue their evolution on planet Earth. Therefore, we recommend observing positive and negative tendencies in your kids from an early age, correcting them without verbal or physical violence but through dialogue and good examples, so that when they are adults they can be constructive and productive spiritualists.

Unfortunately, we observe that many youngsters are being raised in ill-mannered families, many in contact with criminality and vices of all sorts. They will become adults without limits or self-conscience, taking from other individuals their belongings and not giving value to other human lives. There are a series of moral deviations that make their behaviors in big city centers fragile, leading to cases of extreme urban violence. Due to a lack of parenting during their infant ages, they carry deep marks on their souls that are hard to remove from their astral bodies.

All that has been mentioned so far reflects a lack of spiritual enlightenment among these people living as outsiders, a lack of knowledge of the Universal evolution laws, in which all the malice they spread will have to be repaid through a lot of suffering, because disorganized and immediate ways of living bring about arduous consequences for the soul.

The duty to educate children is one of the most important goals of parents, one which they should never neglect. Paying attention to current trends and keeping an open mind to analyze and understand the behavioral changes of each generation is important, as not all that is new is detrimental. Therefore, it is imperative to abandon all preconceived or radical ideas and maintain an open dialogue with your kids while understanding their longings through a modern worldview.

Maintaining respect and discipline at home and involving children in everyday chores are basic tasks that parents should adopt. Understand that luxury is not necessary, but good examples, mutual agreement, and enveloping spiritual love are. During times of anger or incomprehension, look for spiritual serenity elevating your thoughts, for then dialogue can begin. Such daily psychic cleansing will strongly assist each family's tranquility.

Parents, do your spiritual and material duties by striving to keep your families together, for much of the world's malice is the result of the dissolution of households. We can assure you that Christian Rationalism's philosophy offers many useful teachings to each and every one to apply in their daily routines in order to conquer happiness in this school-planet called Earth.

Humberto Rodrigues

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