Monthly Reading - May 2015

Many occurrences unfold in the world so that people can awaken. There are many individuals who are asleep, not acknowledging the reality that surrounds them or that happens to them. When these persons awaken to spirituality, they are frightened to face a world that they did not know existed-they regret the life they used to live and the lament the time they wasted.

Due to the exacerbated materialism that plagues our lives, people easily stumble in difficulties that delay their spiritual evolution on this planet. Therefore, it is necessary to extend spiritual elucidation to humanity in a way that invites individuals to become more interested in spiritual values than material ones. For human beings, the physical body is a manifestation of the spirit. It is the spirit that gives richness and beauty; it is the spirit that gives life.

It is time to free ourselves from materialism and to follow the spiritual principles. It is essential to meet life without being engaged in the malice of our existence. It is important that we analyze the past, think of the future, and spiritually prepare ourselves for what is coming, good or bad.

If there is no preparation to tackle the social, economical, cultural, and religious changes coming in the future, humanity will suffer a lot longer than necessary from a delay in spiritual understanding and we will be disappointed with what we encounter going forward.

The ones who are tired of the lives they are living, of the inertia they find themselves in, of the little importance they give to the serious aspects of their own existence, should awaken for spirituality and begin to journey through life on a different path. Since the majority of beings do not understand each other or the purposes of their existence, we insist that it is necessary to be prepared for anything.

Therefore, it is essential that people with little direction, going through errant paths, awaken and grow, leaving behind selfishness and arrogance. Become spiritual and dependable, free to follow your own convictions. Be conscious that you are an Intelligent Principle expressed as Matter so that you can be happier. This is what we wish for you.

Luiz de Mattos

Many individuals ask themselves, "What is the broad meaning of life? What are we and why do we live in this context? What is God relative to the universal space? Why are there so many different individuals with diverse tempers in the same family if they were raised the same way?" These are reflections of a transcendent nature and questions of universal philosophical inquiry.

Christian Rationalism is a philosophy that originated from the answers to these questions derived from Luiz de Mattos' spiritual self-questioning. Integrating conclusions that responded to the spirit of our noticeable humanist need to answer these questions in his last incarnation in this world, its principles approach such metaphysical concepts with answers derived from mediumnity research and reflections on many philosophers' studies of the human condition. Our purpose is to bring Christian Rationalism to light in order to benefit humanity.

The essential book of this philosophy called Christian Rationalism has answers to philosophical inquires such as who the individual is (Intelligent Principle and Matter), what constitutes the Great Focus (God), what the influences of evolutionary laws are in the whole universe, and so on. As soon as the individual begins to find answers to their questions, they awaken to the spirituality that Christian Rationalism encloses in its clarifying contents, in which reason prevails and belief is dismantled.

Christian Rationalist sites are spiritual schools at which attendees of the public sessions arrive with many questions and leave with the answers they receive from our president or his support. The teachings are clear and understandable. However, the various subjects available in the essential book will benefit attentive students who wish to put into deeper practice their knowledge.

It is fundamental to understand the existence of the evolutive laws, such as the Law of Reincarnation, the Law of Cause and Effect, and the Law of Attraction, which are the three most important ones. These are natural and immutable laws to which the Whole is subjected. It is also important to comprehend that the spirit has faculties and attributes such as free will and willpower. When associated with high thoughts, which are vibrations of the spirit, individuals will attract the Superior Forces and gain strength from them to practice the Good.

It is due to the Law Of Attraction that individuals harmonize with sentiments and thoughts similar to theirs, such as sympathy, tolerance, fairness, goodwill, and love towards our counterparts.

Christian Rationalism provides answers to the question of what life is in the physical world and the astral world, and offers explanations for the whys of everything that each individual faces in his or her life on Earth. This philosophy brings spiritual truth through its principles and its soul-strengthening discipline, which accompanies the spirit in its continuous and eternal evolutionary path and can be put into practice by everyone in their earthly existence.

It is truly beautiful to observe individuals spiritually attracted to truth and enlightened! It is wonderful to understand that we are responsible for our own actions-just as we improve our understanding, we become ever more responsible! Life, for ourselves and for those around us, becomes easier if we act this way. Christian Rationalist philosophy is implemented on Earth in a perennial way for the purpose of assisting the human family to follow the evolutive spiritual path with perseverance, conquering the happiness they deserve, which is the purpose of all beings on our planet.

Humberto Rodrigues

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