Morals and values in our 
evolutionary trajectory.

Morals and values as well as strength of character, like so many mother qualities, are unequivocal measures of man's spiritual evolution. Those who are endowed with good values always set the noblest, most admirable examples of rectitude in the course of their lives. Coupled with other qualities, it reveals spiritual maturity and effective preparation for ascension to higher classes of spiritual evolution. There are countless spiritual attributes which grow and expand in direct proportion to the development of the spirit, and the codifier of Christian Rationalism, Luiz de Mattos, understood that, after sensing the deplorable condition of man's morals and values. He did it with the conviction that he could provide the world with the one and only means of correcting the serious moral evils which were, and still are, afflicting humanity.

Fight all undignified actions.

The sum of morals and values of each individual, which was gained in the present physical life and previous reincarnations is his character. The degree of character indicates the levels of human spirituality which can be measured by the firmness and rectitude displayed in everyday life. Honesty in business dealings or in other areas are not the only measures of morals and values. The strenght of character of a person is also measured by uncompromising aversion to cowardice, intrigue, envy, ambiguity, falsehood, disloyalty, treachery, in short, all undignified actions. There are, in reality, few human beings endowed with a truly spotless character. This is because an almost immaculate character does not exist until the last lives in human form.

Educated individuals are not necessarily endowed with good morals and values. In fact, some of them, use education and their intellect as a tool for deceit. However, the advantages and the need for education and culture cannot be denied. They contribute largely for the development of intellectual ability and the power to reason, which are the means by which the spirit analyses, compares, infers and arrives at conclusions in the search for truth about the meaning of life.

The most precious assets of the spirit (soul) is its morals and values, but they are not easy to build. The character of each person requires longer periods of thoughtfulness, reasoning and the practise of those values, during many reincarnations, in the course of which, ideas sink in under life experiences. It is only after enduring much disillusionment, grief, injustice and ingratitude for many successive corporeal lives, that a person will be able to measure, in the innermost recesses of his soul, the extent of human moral misery. Then, disgusted, he rebels against it and opens the door to a more ethical and honorable life. Thus, having known and experienced suffering, the spirit, in countless reincarnations, gradually frees itself from evil actions and, through enlightenment and conviction follows the rigid tracks of a flawless conduct.

Improve your character.

It is of great significance to talk about morals and values but it is also crucial to define the lines of character that everyone should consider in their lives. Some of the most important ones are: good judgement, fairness, common sense, punctuality, loyalty, courage, magnanimity, dignity, gratitude, politeness, faithfulness, moderation, truthfulness, self-respect, respect for others, etc. All these qualities, if properly cultivated, compose a prime set of dignifying virtues which accounts for a refined character,

For example, we all make mistakes and to err is human. However, once an honest person is advised and becomes convinced of his mistake, he should admit it and try not to repeat it. Unfortunately it is common practice to conceal one's mistakes, instead of avoiding them. This is very detrimental to spiritual growth. Most people seldom use impartiality and justice in the innermost evaluation of their own actions. Even those who are too harsh in the judgement of other people's actions, for whom they always have words of criticism and reproach, do not escape the usual tendency. When their own faults are concerned, they find a full, lenient, absolvent justification. In this way, not only it denotes lack of character, but mistakes often end up incorporated to human habits. By acting this way, an individual loses his self-respect and his sense of character and dignity becomes corrupted. What everyone should do, is to face up his mistakes and avoid new mistakes, by improving his sense of morals and values, with the help of his will power.

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