Avoid Obsessive Disorders and 
cultivate your Mental Health.

Obsessive disorders are perhaps the most distressing woes of humanity. At first sight, many people are considered mentally healthy, yet they suffer from some kind of obsession. Its greatest danger lies precisely in the fact that its least shocking aspects go unperceived by those who are unaware of spiritualistic truths. This applies especially to those aspects in subtle, mild, periodical, permanent, bland, or violent form. In its subtle and mild forms, it appears as manias, fright, oddities, phobias, eccentricities, exoticism, exaggerations, passions, fanaticism, cowardice, laziness, as well as overindulgence in sex, eating, laughing or crying, and many others. The reason for this can be learned in the Chapter XVII of the eBook Christian Rationalism, related to mediumnship and how obsessor spirits, also known as "inferior astral" prevail over people who attract them with affinitive thoughts. 

The influence of the inferior astral.

Obsessive disorders with damaging effects on the mental health of people are basically caused by the forces of the inferior astral, who in turn were also victims of their own wrongdoings while incarnated, due to their lack of knowledge about incorporeal life. Also, this regrettable ignorance makes obsessor spirits become prisoners of Earth's atmosphere and the tormentors of people who can't see them, but suffer their harmful influence, through the transmission of intuitions and noxious miasmas and fluids. However, to great extent, people victimized by the inferior astral, are also to blame. This is because, they harboured thoughts that facilitated the formation of currents for the spirit obsessors to exert their influence. Thoughts of wickedness, revenge, hatred, and others of similar nature, cause vibrations all over inferior space, thus establishing immediate contact between the emitter of these thoughts and the obsessor spirits, and as a result, people suffer from a variety of obsessive disorders. 

The spirits of the inferior astral are therefore closely connected, by affinity, to people who are ill-humoured, vindictive, envious, irascible, dishonest, as well as those who harbour weaknesses and vice. All things mentioned previously are not just people with character flaws, but also people victimized by obsessions and thus with obsessive disorders. Such individuals, even though they may not appear to be obsessed, often create an environment which is harmful to themselves and to members of their families or other people with whom they live. 

These obsessor spirits who cause so many obsessive disorders on so many human beings, begin to act either in the assumption that these people will benefit from such intuitions or because, as obsessors, they feel pleasure in this activity. Such intuitions, if well received, act as an incentive to other intuitions, thus establishing close interaction between the spirits of the inferior astral and people (incarnate spirits). When this happens, the path to obsession is open. Whenever there is deep affinity, obsessors do not part with their victims, because they enjoy staying where they fare well. 

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For more details on obsessive disorders and obsession in general, we suggest the download of the eBooks Christian Rationalism (chapters: Incarnation of the Spirit, Disincarnation of the Spirit, Obsession and Disobsession). We also recommend the download of the eBook Incorporeal Life which contains more than 70 pictures related to the activity of the spirits of the Superior Astral and Inferior Astral. These eBooks cost nothing but the time you spend downloading them. 

How to avoid obsession ?

We have talked about a little bit about obsessive disorders and the harmful effects of the spirits of the inferior astral on people, but how can we live an healthy life, both physically and mentally without being affected by the spirit obsessors ? We have to practise mental hygiene in the form of what Christian Rationalism calls Psychic Cleasing.  Just click on the previous link and see for yourself how you can avoid the bad influences of the inferior astral and in fact drive many of them out of Earth's atmosphere in a daily basis. This practise will offer you a far better chance to live a happy and fulfilled life. By following a disciplined, methodical and conscious life pattern, and practise Psychic Cleansing, you will be able to enjoy both physical and spiritual balance, which in turn will result in a successful life.

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