Good physical health for your 
well-being and happiness.

Everyone must take care of his own physical health which is also and often related to mental health. Suitable nutrition, at regular times; adequate rest accordingly with the physical necessities, also avoiding exhaustive and inordinate work. Those who do not proceed as such, affect their health, and shorten their stay on Earth, consequently, practicing suicide little by little. To commit suicide, does not only mean to terminate one’s life on Earth, instantaneously, in a tragic and insane manner. It is also, contributing for a premature physical death (disincarnation), with the practice of unhealthy acts, in a conscious manner.

Good mental health benefits your physical health.

We have mentioned that physical health is also related to mental health because as a rule, good health and longevity are found among individuals who are calm, orderly and patient, who follow a regular pattern of life, who do not allow themselves to be overrun by the whirling of society, and who are not claimed simultaneously by a multiplicity of demands. For them, the ship of life sails in tranquil seas. Those however, whose activity is claimed and aroused, almost ceaselessly, by a thousand different demands, who live annoyed and under depression, those are sickly individuals whose lives are seldom long and they add considerably to the numbers of people who see their physical health decreased and thus to the obituaries. Those are the pilots whose vessels, harassed by storms of life, many times sink in the middle of the voyage because the enraged waves of passion consume their strength, and with it the courage of the steersman, who falls defeated.

Since a deficiency in physical health, is mostly related to the lack of mental health, that means that most diseases are originated in the weakening of the spirit which, depressed and discouraged, fails to convey to the body the vitality which emerges from energy. Joy is contagious. It invigorates blood circulation, conveys warmth to the body, enlivens and strengthens it, preserves good health, prolongs life. A good humoured individual reflects joy and self confidence and he is bound to enjoy good health. Melancholy, on the other hand, is self-contained. It slows down circulation, takes heat away from the body, depresses and weakens it, ruins health, shortens ones's lifespan.

The soul's emotions, its depression and discouragement, resulting from the numerous and lasting difficulties of daily life, are predisposing causes of somatic diseases due to the state of weakness and lack of energy of the body to react against the environment. In this category are included all the agents: physical, moral, or social, capable of changing the body and affect your physical health and destroying the physical balance of a human being. 

Some vital solutions.

Since a good mental and physical health depends on a balanced life, then everyone should plan their work intelligently so that each task is carried out at the right moment. Work, recreation and rest are three equally important prerequisites of physical and spiritual well-being. Everyone should follow a time table that best suits his conveniences and the demands of work but should not neglect rest and recreation. Only in this way will he find pleasure in work, benefit in rest and joy in recreation. These factors will contribute to his good health and well-being. Also the control of thoughts are extremelly important to maintain both your mental and physical health. 

Thoughts remain connected to its source as long as the feeling that generated it persists. Thoughts set up real environmental climates which promote good health or disease, joy or sorrow, success or failure, well or ill-being. As mentioned in a another page, the power of thought should always be exercised having in mind the common good. As long as man grows up aware of himself and identifies with his powerful innermost abilities, he will find in the power of thought a safe, efficient tool to achieve all his ambitions and aspirations as well as protection of his mental and physical health.

Avoid thoughts that cause nervouseness and brings about irritation, intolerance, thoughtlessness, and recklessness, which lead to deplorable psychic conditions and thus bad physical health. Therefore, nervousness needs to be kept under severe control because it is, among all agents of disturbance, the one that facilitates the most the action of obsessor spirits. Also, as a rule, people with neuroses take little care of their health and make no effort to overcome their impulses. As a result, they frequently fall under the deceitful traps of the spirits of the inferior astral and end up on the disastrous path to obsession and lack of somatic health.

Here are some important points to keep yourself healthy:

You should foster longevity by all means, including spiritual means. One should not forget that bodily health is dependent on a good state of mind.

Keep full physical hygiene.

Impose mental and physical discipline on the demands of life.

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