Mediumship and psychic mediums.

Psychic mediums and mediumship are a reality and among the faculties of the human spirit, that of mediumship is one of the most worthy of attentive and careful study. Unfortunately, very little attention has been paid to it by science. This is undoubtedly a gap that will have to be filled with the advancement of the spiritual development on mankind. Mediumship reveals itself in many ways, depending on the degree of development of one or more of its variations. It is an innate faculty of all incarnate spirits. Everyone has at least intuitive mediumship which varies from one individual to another depending on the degree of evolution reached in each incarnation.

Mediumship is good or bad depending on your purposes. 

When put to good use, mediumship is always useful. However, it becomes extremely harmful when psychic mediums use it for evil purposes. Good or evil thoughts are attracted in direct proportion to their affinity, and mediumship is their pick-up device. The space occupied by Earth's atmosphere is full of both spirits and thoughts, hence the resulting vibrations of two separate currents: the current of good and the current of evil. Every individual with good character whose thinking is directed towards useful achievements, who harbors a sincere desire to grow spiritually, and strives to reach this high objective, will be enveloped by the currents of good, strengthened by the irradiations of Superior Forces. With this favourable attendance, success becomes easier. 

Similarly, when he is inclined to do evil, his spiritual vibrations establish the magnetic poles of attraction of affinitive currents of the Inferior Astral. Then the obsessive spirits, with the help of his intuitive mediumship, begin to influence him mentally and eventually lead him to wild behaviour. There is nothing extraordinary about this. Ill intentions, reflected in thoughts, find their way to organised currents on Earth's inferior intentions because similar vibrations always find some form of identity.

Mediumship and obsessor phalanxes.

Generally Speaking, although unaware of it, all scoundrels are but slaves of spirits who organize themselves in obsessor phalanxes that turn them into pliant tools of their own will and lead them to perpetrate the most hateful actions. This applies to those who live apart from sound moral principles, be they wealthy or poor, humble or powerful; to those who act in undignified ways, either covertly or in the open; to those who wear the mask of kindness on their faces and hide in their souls the ugliest turpitudes; to murderers, thieves, swindlers, rascals, traitors, the disloyal, the false, the self-righteous, the liars, the ruffians, the cowardly, the lazy. These phalanxes find an easy way in the environment of physical life, in view of human mediumship and the supporting current provided to obsessors by evil thoughts.

Ignorance about incorporeal life.

The more developed one's mediumship, the greater the dangers he is exposed to in everyday life. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that everyone strive to determine the degree of development of his mediumnistic faculties. This will guide him in the control of his thoughts. Many insane individuals are developed psychic mediums who became obsessed due to a lack of knowledge about their mediumship. As a rule, insanity is a consequence of ignorance about incorporeal life. As long as scientists persist in ignoring the study of mediumship in its various aspects and varieties, and what psychic mediums are, they will not realize the pressing need for a concerted effort towards human enlightenment. The findings of such studies should be made known to the common person. In this way man would realise the need for sound spiritual guidance and the number of insane individuals would be minimised so as to include only the careless and the negligent.

Psychic mediums and forms of mediumship.

Although the intuitive category is the most common form of mediumship, it is by no means the only one. There are others, including incorporative mediumship which is peculiar only to certain individuals. We call "incorporative mediumship" the kind where the action of the actuating spirit is easily observed in the medium's body. Many mediumnistic faculties may go unnoticed, but not incorporative mediumship, which no one can fail to notice in the moment of actuation. We may call it by other names and try to explain the unknown by other causes, but the truth is only one. Sooner or later, incorporative mediumship as a spiritual faculty will have to be acknowledged as an obvious reality, like all tangible things on Earth.

The most common forms of mediumship on Earth are the following: intuitive mediumship, auditory mediumship, clairvoyant mediumship, olfactory mediumship, psycographic mediumship, incorporative mediumship, visual mediumship together with the corresponding phenomena of disembodiment, materialisation, levitation and floating of objects.

Expressions of mediumship.

The manifestations of mediumship vary among individuals, depending on their temperament, nervous system, animating force, sensibility, and degree of evolution. Incorporative psychic mediums do not even need mental concentration to receive the influence of spirits of the Inferior Astral. Just the action of thought is enough for a psychic medium to be either violently or mildly actuated, depending on the animating forces of the actuating obsessor spirit. This is because the medium's sensibility and nervous system are already predisposed for actuation. However, once the medium concentrates his thoughts with the purpose in mind of yielding to actuation, perfect juxtaposition of the actuating spirit to the medium's body takes place, without loss of consciousness on the part of the medium. This spirit uses the mediumship of the incorporative psychic medium in order to give outward expression to its thoughts. The medium's spirit slightly shifts from its normal position in order to seize the thoughts transmitted more easily.

As mentioned in a previous page, telepathy is a faculty which is still insufficiently developed in mankind. Nevertheless, some incarnate spirits are already endowed with it. So, Intuitive mediumship is closely associated with the structure of the embryonic telepathic element which is a reflex of psychic sensibility. In due time this element will develop and reveal itself. Therefore, intuitive mediumship, incorporative mediumship and the elementary functions of the embryonic telepathic element, operating in a co-ordinated, complementary way, make up the sum of three spiritual faculties. The development of these faculties, when performed under careful supervision, produces the best results in the picking up of thoughts of both incarnate and disincarnate spirits. Generally speaking, in currents supervised by the Superior Astral in Christian Rationalism Centers, the psychic mediums express voluntarily what the spirits pass on to them. However, they do not lose control of themselves, and therefore do not utter improprieties perchance passed on to them by obsessor spirits.

The evils of ignorance. 

In every social stratum there are individuals who are unknowingly endowed with incorporative mediumship, in addition to intuitive mediumship witch all humans are endowed. Because of their unawareness of this, we see such a large number of suicides, deaths by accident, and hospitals, jails, and penitentiaries are overcrowded. A great number of these individuals with less developed mediumship take to disorderly conduct, gambling, drinking and ruin their lives in unrestrained sensuality. 

The disincarnate spirits wandering in the Inferior Astral quickly identify people (incarnate spirits) who are endowed with incorporative mediumship. They notice that, unlike others, these incarnate spirits receive their intuitions very naturally. Thus, an individual endowed with incorporative mediumship will infallibly become a victim of those inferior spirits unless he is enlightened and prepared to repel their harmful approach. In the Inferior Astral there are millions of pandering, troublemaking, disloyal, biased, quarrelsome spirits. They find in the incorporative mediumship of humans an ample field to appease their malevolent desires and gratify their low passions in the homes where Christian Rationalism discipline is not followed.

One should not lose sight of the reality of affinitive attraction, and of the fact that one's way of thinking reveals oneself. Those who love slander, hoax, and malicious gossip generate corresponding thoughts and attract obsessors of like inclinations. Whenever the generator of such thoughts happen to be an incorporative psychic medium, though, the situation is even more serious because he becomes subject to receiving constant charges from affinitive disincarnate spirits. These instigate him against his own enemies and also against the enemies of the obsessors themselves.

Disciplining thoughts for psychic mediums.

Thought discipline is essential to everyone and much more so to psychic mediums. Even though well-meaning in many cases, psychic mediums may become victims of traps set by the Inferior Astral and engage in wild behaviour with serious consequences. Psychic mediums need to select their acquaintances carefully and avoid inadequate conversations. Overworrying and overworking are also inadvisable. They should take good care of themselves, both spiritually and physically, so as to preserve their capacity for reaction against discouragement. Work, besides being a strong incentive for the body, is the most useful distraction for the spirit whose attention should be constantly focused on useful, honest things. No doubt, everyone needs rest, sleep and recreation at proper hours. No one, however, should abandon himself to idleness, which is always harmful, especially to psychic mediums.

The need for enlightenment

Arguments are strong magnets that attract the forces of the Inferior Astral. They generate misunderstanding, heartbreak, and resentment, which are strong contributing factors to the destruction of harmony and affection. Psychic mediums, due to their great sensitiveness and vibratility, are easily impressionable and can be influenced positively or negatively by what other people say or do. Hence their need for enlightenment in order to protect themselves, in the environment where they live, from the blows of the terribly malevolent forces that encircle the world. These forces have as a bearing point the millions of ignorant, undisciplined, unsuspecting psychic mediums living on this planet.

Like all spiritual faculties, mediumship develops gradually from incarnation to incarnation. Beginning from the first degree of evolution, in the most backward human strata, in their savage rites, in the practice of magic, certain individuals begin to develop their mediumship without psychic preparation, unaware of the risks to which they expose themselves due to non-compliance with the discipline that should be followed. This explains why the world is filled with so many disturbed, abnormal, paranoid, deranged, obsessed, and insane people. It should be reiterated that those who develop their mediumship outside the discipline recommended by Christian Rationalism run all these risks, including that of insanity. The psychic medium's safety lies precisely in guarding himself against inferior forces so as not to become an unconscious tool at the service of evil and deception.

To lead a useful life, man needs to know himself, beginning with the basic, fundamental principle that he is composed of Force and Matter. Force is the Spirit. Matter is simply the body, the instrument, the means used by the spirit to promote its evolution on Earth. Matter has no faculties. However, the spirit is endowed with countless faculties, and it should be stressed that only a few of them are revealed in earthly life. Mediumship is one of the most important of these, due to the influence it exerts on everyone's life. Therefore, every person who wants to live consciously, and not only vegetate, must try to learn about mediumship and psychic mediums, not as a form of entertainment or to satisfy one's curiosity but about the complexities of mediumship and its multiple manifestations.

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