Physical and psychic phenomenons.

Although they differ in classification, both physical and psychic phenomenons have an essentially common origin and are produced by the same powers. Inasmuch as the Universe is composed of Force and Matter, in both physical and psychic manifestations the agent is always one, namely Universal Force, revealed in a multiplicity of ways.

Senses do not originate in the physical body.

Contrary to widespread belief, the most common human senses - smell, sight, touch, hearing, and taste - do not originate in the physical body. Their origin is in the spirit (soul) that gives them outward expression by means of suitable organs which do not work without spiritual vibrations and the consequent impulses transmitted to them. They are like a violin whose strings need to be struck by a player in order to produce sound.

Manifestations of psychic phenomenons.

The spirit, while incarnated, cannot give outward expression to all its capabilities. One of these is the telepathic sense, which is common on the astral level. Humanity will not be in a condition to use this capability on Earth until it reaches a stage of higher evolution. Under the present conditions prevailing on Earth, the telepathic sense would be very dangerous because it would be like a holding valve for human miseries, which need to be consciously fought, not repressed. In the spiritual worlds where they belong, spirits communicate by means of thought. On Earth, articulated language will continue to prevail, as a means of expression, for a long time to come.

Manifestations of psychic phenomenons vary according to the degree of evolution and the peculiarities of each spirit. Mediumship, which is expressed in various ways, adds unequivocal demonstrations of these phenomena to human knowledge. This is because mediums have a more developed sensibility than other people, which enables them to establish contact with psychic vibrations. Vibrations that are harmonious, or that match and adjust to others, associate among themselves. The medium is the liaison between the physical and the psychic levels. This is why psychic phenomenons are always revealed through mediums. The more sensitive an individual is, the greater are his chances of picking up vibrations. Space is filled with such vibrations, which differ among themselves. Each vibration picked up can produce a corresponding revelation or phenomenon.

The retina of the human eye can pick up the vibrations of sunlight but not those of astral light except when a medium intervenes with the help of his sensitiveness. It is the very well known phenomenon of clairvoyance. Under certain psychic conditions it is possible for an incorporation medium to disembody. This phenomenon is very useful provided its practice follows some disciplinary rules. Disembodiment means momentary withdrawal of the spirit and its astral body from the medium's physical body while retaining their connection by means of animistic cords. The same that happens to the common person during sleep happens to incorporation mediums while awake in disembodiment seances.

The safety of the mediumnistic instruments, in this case, is warranted by the Superior Astral, which regulates the psychic cleansing operations carried out by Christian Rationalism. The work of the Superior Forces that astrally control Psychical Cleansing is one of the most outstanding achievements in the field of spiritualism, considering its highly beneficial results on behalf of humanity.

Studying psychic phenomenons and psychic science.

Those who restrict themselves to watching physical and psychic phenomenons while closing their reasoning to the analysis of psychic phenomenology take a narrow-minded view of spiritual matters. Their dialects, which revolve around a circle of small dimensions, disappear in front of the large scenario occupied by psychic science. 

Human masses, which are alienated from spiritual powers, are mostly impressed by the spiritualist phenomena of materialisation, levitation, and rising or floating of objects. Some of these phenomena are produced by playful spirits of the Inferior Astral. They do this by invisibly hurling objects and making noises. They also seek the help of abettors who make bad use of their mediumnistic gifts for profit, usually for money. There are also, not rarely, mediums who engage in reprehensible practices for purposes of sensationalism, especially in the press. They do it to make converts out of people lacking knowledge of spiritualism, i.e., people who go about engulfed in superstition and clinging to absurd, benumbing beliefs derived from dogmatic mysticism.

Forces regulated by Universal Intelligence.

It is a well known fact that simple, organised matter can be broken down to an atom, a particle of infinitesimal dimensions, invisible with the naked eye. Notwithstanding its invisibility, the atom is a reality and is around us, composing all bodies and passing invisibly from one body to another under the action of an equally invisible Force. Obviously, this same Force that drives one atom also drives a countless number of them without upsetting universal balance. The laws that govern these actions belong to the astral level and are independent from those known on Earth. Every living person on this planet can feel the action of the forces of nature, which are particles of the Total Force acting in harmony with the Universe in a combined and balanced way. It is not difficult for man to sense atomic force, interatomic force, intermolecular force, the force of gravity, the force of attraction, magnetic force and all other forces that maintain Earth in perfect balance, in a combined motion of all opaque and luminous bodies in sidereal space. These and other forces act directly over the atoms with an intensity that is regulated by Universal Intelligence in order to maintain the Universe in complete stability. It follows then that any other forces acting over the atoms to produce psychic phenomenons are driven by a spirit because the spirit is a particle of Total Force. Although in a limited way, and in proportion to its state of evolution, the spirit shares the powers of his Total Force.

The power of thought alters conditions 
and may result in psychic phenomenons

Depending on its state of development, the spirit is strong enough to use the power of thought in order to alter certain physical conditions. It should be emphasised that psychic phenomenons result from the action of the thoughts of incarnate or disincarnate spirits, working either by themselves or jointly. Levitation is one of these cases. It is possible only when the power of thought is sufficiently intensified to offset the force of gravity that acts over the atoms of a body. When this happens, the body thus levitated hovers at a point in space in accordance with the force that upholds it.

A second force, also originated by the power of thought, can be applied to convey a directional motion to the body. Materialisations are similarly performed. To achieve materialisation, it is necessary to perform a simultaneous de-materialisation. In this case a removal of atoms takes place in animistic form. The atoms are withdrawn even through obstacles, most of them relatively porous, like walls, floors and ceilings.

In the case of levitation and floating of objects, in addition to the force that counterbalances gravity there is also the force that imparts movement. In the case of materialisation, in addition to these two, there is the force that interferes with cohesion, offsetting it in the act of de-materialisation and re-using it in materialisation.

Psychic phenomenons are not supernatural.

Obviously, there is nothing supernatural in these phenomenons. What happens in reality are simple manifestations of Force. It should be emphasised that all that is herein stated with regard to spiritual capabilities is but a negligible part of those powers that the spirit will possess when it reaches a high degree of evolution and its development will be taking place in the high planes of the Superior Astral. Given that the spirit is Force and Power, its potential grows throughout and in proportion to its evolution. Its thoughts translate into ideals, and the higher the concentration of these powers, the higher these ideals will be.

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