Reincarnation is a Natural 
Law of the Universe.

The law of reincarnation, which religious organisations so much strive to conceal from their followers, in an unfortunate offence against such elementary truth as that of evolution, is fully and amply explained by Christian Rationalism. Let it not be thought, however, that Christian Rationalism is thereby disclosing an unprecedented truth.

What some well known people say.

Three thousand years before Christ, Krishna in India proclaimed the existence of a Universal Intelligence, maintaining the immortality of the soul and its evolution through successive physical lives. And the great thinker clarified: "The body is finite, but the soul which lives in it is invisible, imponderable and eternal." On this train of thought, he continued: "you and I have undergone numerous reincarnations."

Hermes in Upper Egypt, regarding the soul, its immortality and reincarnation, asserted thousands of years before the Christian Era: "Man's spirit goes through two stages: captivity in matter and ascent to light. During incarnation it loses memory of its origin.

Later came the Greeks Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato who also made interesting dissertations on the immortality of the soul and its past lives. More recently Dr. Pinheiro Guedes pondered that: "reincarnation of the human spirit, consisting of successive existences or multiple bodily lives of a conscious individual, is a law to which all spirits are subject and is an essential condition for its advancement." He also said that: "reincarnation means the pre-existence and survival of the human soul." Our life is in fact "a series of lives, each one less free of errors, vices and crimes. The incarnation of the soul is a means of atoning for past errors. Earthly life may bring together offended and offender, and may reunite in the same family a victim and his torturer in a previous life, behind the veil of matter, and thanks to the oblivion of past lives on earth." 

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Why deny this truth ?

So why do western religions try so hard, strive so much, are so obstinate in denying reincarnation? Why do they fight it so uncompromisingly, in spite of all the loud, unsuspected evidence of its real existence? Why do they persist in ignoring so many facts, of which the history is full, which prove it to exhaustion? The answer lies in the fact that reincarnation and salvation are conflicting, opposing, clashing concepts because they are adversely, irreducibly incompatible. In the concept of salvation, closely connected to the benefits of forgiveness, lies precisely the basis on which those religions are anchored.

If religious organisations were to disclose to their followers the truth concerning the fantasy of forgiveness, eternal salvation, the celestial mansion, the divine father, hell, the devil, purgatory and so many other illusions, none of them would remain standing. Not only industries related to clay saints, printed prayers, relics, videos, DVD's and other marketing practices, would disappear, but people would also realize, that forgiveness, under the natural law of the universe known as "cause and effect, wouldn't save them from coming back to live other physical lives and learn new lessons connected to wrongdoings from previous lives.

When a man becomes convinced that if he does wrong he will inescapably have to redeem it, without the possibility of forgiveness; when he realizes that in the course of each incarnation he is preparing himself for his next incarnation and that the latter will be more or less arduous according to the manner in which he has exercised his free will, done good or wrong; when he becomes sure that his good actions will revert to his benefit and his wrongdoings against him; when he realizes that he can count on nobody's help to relieve him of the consequences of his faults, which he will have to redeem himself by means of dignified actions, no matter how many reincarnations may be necessary, then will he or she certainly ponder more carefully before committing an undignified act.

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