Reincarnations of spirits on Earth.

You have had countless reincarnations in your evolutionary trajectory! Earth is not the permanent dwelling of any spirit. It is a school-world, a purifying laboratory, a learning centre, a workshop where the spirit learns, improves itself, and grows, over a longer or shorter period of time, in an environment suitable for its evolution. Spirits are distributed by classes among worlds, in accordance with their degree of evolution. The spirits that are undergoing evolution in our planet belong to the first 17 classes. In space, these classes are separated by order of their importance.

When spirits incarnate, however, they blend to form peoples of heterogeneous structures, in keeping with the requirements of a school world. Those who know more, who have more training, more experience, teach those who know less what they in turn learned from others. This is exactly why we very often see in the same family persons of very different degrees of spirituality. In order to learn life's lessons well, man needs to find in his fellow beings qualities and knowledge which he does not yet have.

We are made of three bodies.

The spirit is immaterial. Its astral body, also called perispirit or animistic body, made of fifth-essence matter (but still matter) is made of the same animistic substance existing in the spiritual world where the spirit stays between reincarnations. Similarly, its physical body is made of matter existing in our planet (Earth). The more advanced the spiritual world where the spirit belongs, the more diaphanous the fifth-essence matter of which its astral body is made. This explains why some astral bodies, although made of the same substance, are more diaphanous than others.

No fact or event in human life can be hidden from spiritual plans. Everything we do or think brings forth vibrations which cross in all directions. This is why, as soon as impregnation takes place, it is at once spiritually recorded and a spirit moves forward, among those who await their turn, to perform one of the paramount determinations of natural law: reincarnation. This is done without fear or reluctance, that spirit being fully aware of its duty. Once the spirit has decided to reincarnate and identified a woman to serve as mother, it monitors the formation of the physical body throughout the pregnancy until fetal development is completed. Finally at birth it takes full possession of the body to which it remains attached by means of animistic cords.

The developing physical body is then gradually enveloped, molecule by molecule, by the animistic body of the incarnating spirit which irradiates over it from outside the pregnant mother's body, until the moment of birth when it takes full hold of the child's body. Once incarnation has been accomplished, the spirit sustains itself on its astral body placed side by side with the child's body, on the left side. As soon as incarnation has taken place, the human being becomes complete with three bodies as follows:

1. Mental body (spirit)
2. Astral body (animistic matter)
3. Material body (organic matter)

Reincarnations and the Mental Body 

The spirit (Mental Body or soul) is supposed to carry out its earthly duties and live two distinctly separate lives: material life and spiritual life. The mental body, to which researchers are now turning their attention, is the live, intelligent agent that governs the other two bodies: the astral and the physical bodies. Therefore the mental body responsible for all manifestations of life. The law of transformation of matter, to which the other bodies are subject, does not affect the mental body. The spirit is eternal and unchangeable in its essence and it offers magnificent demonstrations of its capabilities and courage as it grows in spirituality.

Reincarnations and the Astral body.

The astral body also known as the Perispirit, is the bond, the connection between the mental and the physical bodies. It is joined, particle by particle to the mental body, as a result of the permanent vibration of the latter. It encircles the entire physical body to which it is connected by means of animistic cords. During sleep, the spirit wanders away, together with the astral body (from which it never parts) but never breaks its links with the physical body. It continues to pass on warmth and life by means of the previously mentioned animistic cords. No matter how long the distances separating the spirit from its corporeal instrument may be, their connection is never broken. Such interruption would amount to disincarnation (physical death) and also, the extension of the animistic cords is unlimited. Thus, only after disincarnation do the mental and astral bodies abandon the physical body definitively.

Reincarnations and the Physical body.

The physical body is a wonderful piece of machinery conceived by Universal Intelligence to provide its operator, the sprit, with the means and elements necessary to take a post-graduate course on Earth. This course is meant to last numerous multiple reincarnations, which are essential to its ascension to an environment of higher spirituality on a higher level of evolution. 

Medical science studies the physical body in minor detail and devotes full attention to it. And today a considerable number of scientists admit that the disorders of the spirit, among which emotional disturbances stand out, are the cause of a great number of physiological disorders, and constitute a picture of abnormalities and diseases whose aetiology is no longer a secret for them. 

After the reincarnation of the spirit.

When the spirit incarnates, it isolates itself from its past and forgets completely its previous reincarnations. It only retains in its subconscious the experience gained from past ordeals and the tendencies resulting from the use of its free will. That is extremely good for the spirit. Firstly, the veil of matter prevents identification of enemies of previous reincarnations and makes reconciliation possible, bringing them closer, without grudges or ill will. Secondly, with temporary oblivion of past mistakes, which so often humble, shame, subdue and even alienate the will, the incarnate spirit sort of begins a new existence in each passage through Earth.

Billions of spirits have done and continue to do so in their trajectory through this planet, in a long series of reincarnations. The spirit retains forever all that was conquered through work and effort. This conquest, this wealth, this heritage are valuable assets in each incarnation. They facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge, new qualities and the refinement of its attributes.

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