Rising to soul planes 
where spirits belong.

All spirits should rise to their soul planes after disincarnation. It is a mistake to believe that all spirits that disincarnate stay in the Inferior Astral. Many ascend immediately to the worlds of their class. They are not detained for a single moment on Earth's atmosphere. These are the spirits of men and women who knew how to live spiritually and materially, those who took work as one of the serious reasons for living, those whose thoughts were kept pure, clean, uncontaminated. Those who live and think in this way frequently attract Superior Forces that assist them, especially at the moment of disincarnation, helping them to rise to the worlds where they belong.

The Superior Astral help spirits to asced to their soul planes.

As we have already seen, in order to carry out its task of spiritual sanitation on Earth, the Superior Astral depends on various points of support, in several places on Earth. Without this support their task would be much more difficult or even impossible. Wherever there is a person irradiating elevated thoughts, there is a magnetic pole, an instrument of support to the action of Superior Forces. This is the sole purpose of psychic cleansing done in Christian Rationalist centres. With the help of animistic currents formed in those centres, the spirits of the Superior Astral penetrate Earth's atmosphere and drive away all kinds of spirit obsessors, from the most peaceful to the most aggressive.

There are countless disturbers of the peace of earthly life, some extremely dull, others on incipient intellectuality, but all of them engulfed in the deepest materialism. Among those are stubborn deceivers, venal judges, daring mystifiers, unrepentant quacks, vain ministers of state, impatriotic Presidents, megalomaniac kings, worshipper popes mentally obscured by dogmas, etc. All of them are driven away by the animistic currents organised by these Forces of Good whose bright light illuminates and awakens even the most hardened of consciences.

Rising to their soul planes is the duty of all spirits.

The first duty of the spirit after disincarnation is to rise to the world where it belongs, without lingering on Earth's atmosphere. However, no one is able to carry out a duty without prior preparation. Therefore most spirits, when they disincarnate are enveloped in the intoxicating mist of physical emotions which is aggravated by the fantasies of religious mystiques. Thus they proceed, with the help of obsessors, to swell the hosts of those that stay behind on Earth's atmosphere. Only those spirits who, while incarnated, did not neglect their spiritual duties and made them the basis of their lives are prepared to rise to the soul planes where they belong, without skidding in the impure currents of the Inferior Astral.

If people would only understand that all events happen within natural conditions, in accordance with each individual's state of mind and spiritual development, he would neither torment himself nor feel disheartened by the despair and bitterness which frequently take hold of people. All spirits of the Superior Astral are fully aware of this. They therefore follow with an enlightened mind all the misfortunes that are deplored on Earth without any alteration whatsoever in their feelings and activities.

Life is action o Earth or in soul planes.

Life is action. Where there is action there is fulfilment of duty. Since life is a dynamic, continuous process, the spirit's duty is ever present and its fulfilment is a non-postponable imposition which is strictly observed in the Superior Astral. There, fatigue, laziness, and idleness are unknown and what needs to be done is never postponed. Fatigue results from physical work and is not felt by the spirit. Day and night are inexistent in Superior Space. The light that illuminates and saturates it permanently is Intelligence Force in action in the infinite ocean of the Universe.

The spirits in the Inferior Astral disregard the laws of nature and are consequently prevented from fulfilling their duties. They live in an environment derived from error, non-fulfilment of duty, vice, atrophy and brutalization of the spiritualistic sense. They give free rein to inferior inclinations which they did not care to eliminate in previous incarnations. In such surroundings the spirits are completely misled about life and in need of being awakened. And this awakening is not easy, taking into consideration the influence of the disturbing fluids by which they are surrounded. Lacking the mental soundness which is indispensable to awaken their weak sense of duty, they vegetate in a worse situation than they had while incarnated because in the Inferior Astral they have no possibility whatsoever of improving their spiritual condition.

Certain deceitful aspects of life on Earth may bewilder spirits but this lasts only while they are incarnated (people) or disincarnated spirits living on Earth's atmosphere. In the worlds or soul planes where spirits belong, free from all earthly influences, real life is seen with the clearness of truth. There, duty has but one interpretation and therefore there are no sophisms, ways of thinking, alternatives, ambiguities, hesitations, doubts or uncertainties. In soul planes, a duty established and a duty performed are principles which translate into ultimate fulfilment. 

Spirits cannot evolve in the spiritual worlds (soul planes) corresponding to their class. This impossibility stems from the fact that in soul planes of the same class, all spirits share the same intellectual level and, therefore, the same degree of growth. Thus, they have nothing to teach one another. But the planet Earth, is prepared to receive spirits of 17 different classes which here mingle, associate, exchange knowledge and help each other. We need emphasise once more the role that this disparity of values plays in mankind's evolutionary process. It is so important, so valuable and necessary that, as a rule, even members of the same family have different degrees of spirituality.

Vision of the past at soul planes.

No detail, no motion, no fact connected with its past existences ever escapes the spirit's perception. The spirit's past life, since its beginnings, is recorded in animistic matter by the vibratory action of thought, and will continue being recorded eternally, with extreme accuracy. It is difficult to picture this eternal animistic register of all the actions of each individual member of the human race. In it all actions are perfectly featured like on a motion picture that can be shown at any time.

As soon as the spirit reaches the world of its own class, it reviews all its past life. This examination is minute and detailed. The spirit compares, looks at lost incarnations, evaluates the time wasted in those incarnations it only took partial advantage of. It reasons, analyzes and appraises exactly where it now stands in order to draw a new plan for its next incarnation. If the spirit arrives at the conclusion that it wasted time in the Inferior Astral, it regrets not having made better use of its spiritual resources, by which it might have added new values to its moral assets.

Magnetic poles of attraction.

We already know that spirits grow in spirituality by reincarnating on Earth until they reach the 17th stage of evolution. From then on, evolution is processed in Space in the classes corresponding to our soul planes or below, which is called Superior Astral. Among their many duties, the spirits of the Superior Astral are committed to contributing to the spiritual growth of incarnated spirits (people) and, as a rule, they do not interfere with people's free will.

It would be impossible for the spirits of the Superior Astral to reach Earth without establishing strong magnetic poles of attraction. Therefore, in addition to enlightened men and women who serve as their instruments on Earth, they depend on the help of the spirits of "opaque soul planes" at their service. As a rule, such spirits would have reincarnated in order to achieve spiritual growth. However, they underwent so many lost reincarnations and so much useless suffering that they decided to work in Space although realizing that this would slow their advancement.

Nevertheless, this option has the advantage that it does not entail loss of time, as happens on Earth, where many millions of incarnated spirits mire in low earthly passions and allow themselves to be overcome by the false pleasures of earthly life. The spirits in opaque soul planes (opaque spiritual worlds) belong to class 6 through 11. Their astral bodies are made of more or less dense fluidic matter, which enables them to move around easily on Earth. They are strictly disciplined by Superior Forces and their activity is extremely valuable in that they can enter any environment no matter how low or evil.

Moreover, the spirits of opaque spiritual or soul planes co-operate closely with incarnate spirits under the disembodiment mediumnship, which is the momentary withdrawal of the spirit and its astral body from the medium's physical body while retaining their connection by means of animistic cords. Thus they enable the Superior Astral to undertake large-scale psychic cleansing in the Inferior Astral by driving away obsessor spirits. In the Superior Astral, spirits have all necessary resources at their disposal in order to carry out their assigned tasks.

Space and time in soul planes.

Space and time are two relativities unknown in the Superior Astral. Man's visual field is restricted to three dimensions. When science records the speed of light, it says nothing about the speed at which the Superior Spirits, which are also light, move about in Space. In reality, such knowledge is still unnecessary in the present state of human's evolution. Space and Time (relativities abstracted) are two expressions that mingle into one. When the human intellect becomes able to exercise its deductive, imaginative and analytical powers within the range of this conception, then the configuration of the Universe will change completely and the problems of immeasurable values will acquire a new meaning.

It is precisely within this mode of life that the spirits of the Superior Astral move. The dimensions of their field of action are beyond the limits of comprehension of the human mind. Their duties consequently involve tasks which are unlike those of earthly life. Particulars of life in the Superior Astral are of interest only to those that are already there. For the time being there is not much that such elaborations can offer to the spirits incarnated on Earth.

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