What is the Spirit and 
what are its attributes ?

The spirit (soul) of a human being is light, intelligence, life, creative and accomplishing power. In it there is no matter in either of its states. It is, therefore, immaterial. It remains as an individualised particle along its entire path in the process of evolution. It is indestructible, indivisible, eternal, and evolves towards ever greater improvement. As a particle of the Universal Intelligence, it is inseparable from the Whole, and survives any transformation. Nothing can destroy it. 

Evolution and vibratory motions.

The evolution of a particle of Force (spirit) is a fact, beginning from their initial primary state, until they gain enough development to stir and move a human body. We call spirit the particle of Force from the beginning of its evolution in a human body and this term is retained from there on in its long road of evolution. In the immeasurable space of Universe, where Intelligence vibrates continuously, revealing permanent action and constant manifestation of life, the spirit stirs up its power, which is expressed in all activities, by means of vibratory motions. Such motions radiate from a nucleus of Force, which is the spirit, in an ocean of identical essence, which is the Whole or Universal Force, thus signalling the power of attraction which causes the attributes of the Whole to converge to the nucleus, to develop it and increase its potentiality.

Attributes of the soul.

The following are attributes of the spirit, inherent to the Universal Intelligence (Whole): Will power; Reasoning; Self-control; Self-awareness; Power of Conception; Sensibility; Perception; Mental balance; Rectitude; Intelligence; Logic.

Will Power.

Will power is the most powerful lever that the spirit can use to succeed. There is no stumbling block - naturally within human limitations, which the spirit cannot overcome. Will power makes no allowances for self-consciousness, despondency and weakness. It has the power to conquer all weaknesses, all passions, all vices, all intemperate desires, as long as man knows how to consciously make use of this superior quality.

People commonly confuse will and whim, although they really are entirely opposite things. When an incarnate spirit is assaulted by an inferior desire and his will power is sufficiently trained, the latter intervenes in an overwhelmingly way and the desire is subdued. Will power is an eternal flame that leads to victory those who know how to foster it even during the most arduous struggles of life. It is the result of a sequence of successes, achieved in previous incarnations with effort and determination. It is an insurmountable fortress for the spirit, an expression of its valour.


Self-awareness ensures that man does not go beyond his capabilities and thus waste his energies. It means, therefore, self-appraisal in its true sense. It allows for neither vanity nor false modesty inasmuch as magnitude and spiritual value are always measured from a precise, normal point of view. A self-aware person acts with simplicity, equanimity and respect for others because he knows that we all have a common origin and follow, without exceptions, the same course of evolution.

Perception of the soul.

With regard to perception, various psychological factors are of weight. These factors cannot be defined in common language, although they represent real, easily recognisable values. Two strong components of perception are intuition and inspiration, which are outstanding among the remaining spiritual qualities and play an important role in human action themselves. Perception, which is closely related to discernment, sharpness, insight and sensibility, also exercises great influence over the field of observation because it discloses what propriety very often conceals. When prudence interferes cautiously with man's determinations, it is still perception that provides the elements for decision.

Intelligence of the soul.

Intelligence, the master quality of the spirit, affects all other qualities. It purifies them and contributes to make them better and more efficient. The remaining spiritual qualities depend on intelligence. They are created, they grow, enlarge and improve according to the spirit's evolution. Intelligence is a powerful ally of perfection. It makes the spirit realise its faults and try to correct them. It guides reason and provides it with the means it needs to expand. Intelligence is illuminating beyond comparison. It magnifies the spirit's range of outlook and is an instrument capable of dissipating darkness and destroying ignorance wherever they may be.

Reasoning Power. 

Reasoning power is a valuable quality of the spirit which allows it to analyse the facts of life and to learn from events. Reasoning is like a light focused on the difficult problems of life to make them clear and understandable. Besides guiding the spirit in the course of its evolution, reason is also a powerful defensive weapon against fanaticism, wordly conventionalism, and mystical beliefs. These lead to blind faith and submissiveness, which are indicative of acute or mild forms of obsession.

Power of Conception.

Inherent in the power of conception are ingenuity, creative thought, and the resourceful accomplishing power of change and improvement. The power of conception is essentially constructive. It is the prime mover of the gradual role in the arts, as well as in science and literature. Altruism, self-denial and unselfishness, as well as material progress, are the product of the power of conception because it is often exercised having in mind the welfare of mankind as a whole.

Mental balance.

Mental balance comes from sharpness of senses, a personality well adjusted to the realities of life, tranquillity, a precise understanding of reality, and an accurate evaluation of facts. Calmness, serenity, moderation, pondered attitudes, reflection, good judgement and common sense are all qualities which reveal mental balance. And mental balance is what enables man, in the whirlwind of earthly life, to proceed safely and avoid common mistakes. Therefore, refining this quality should be the object of constant care and interest on the part of every incarnate spirit because it plays an extremely meaningful role in the evolutionary process.

The Power of Logic.

Logic is a quality which provides consistency in attitudes, appropriateness in the formation of ideas, and methodical thinking. Logic is completely impossible without spiritual growth and development. Logic is pre-eminently a quality resulting from spiritual growth and development. It enables man to express his ideas based on firm, objective, realistic grounds. Thus, no solid assertion can be made unless it is firmly based on the important quality which is logic.


Self-control insures inward control thus avoiding impulsive actions and thoughtless attitudes. These may lead man to make serious mistakes, many of them irreparable, which he later may regret, as is often the case. Mans should always be on the alert. He should be aware that he is force that works ceaselessly, vibrating, attracting and repelling. Space is filled with streams crossing in all directions, both favourable and unfavourable to his growth and well-being. Hence the need for self-control, so that he does not allow himself to be influenced by adverse irradiations. He should act only on his own will.

Sensibility of the soul.

Sensibility is a quality that enables man to feel the vibratory streams of the environment and to recognise truth behind the facade of appearances. It is through sensibility that man feels the affinity which gathers, unites, links together people who nourish similar ideals and equal yearnings. Furthermore, sensibility is an instrument of joy and sorrow. And it is sorrow that often awakens to life's realities the inattentive, indifferent, wayward spirit.

Strength Of character.

Strength of character, like so many mother qualities, is an unequivocal measure of man's spiritual evolution. Those who are endowed with it always set the noblest, most admirable examples of rectitude in the course of their lives. Coupled with other qualities already mentioned, it reveals spiritual maturity and effective preparation for ascension to a higher class of spiritual evolution. There are countless spiritual attributes which grow and expand in direct proportion to the development of the spirit.

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