The meaning of words
Antonio Cottas

We recommend, as a central practice for everyone attending public meetings at any Christian Rationalism site, to concentrate their utmost attention on the psychic cleansing words, since every word has its unique importance. The higher our level of attentiveness to words, the higher our understanding of their genuine meaning becomes, and the more thoroughly we can understand what they represent. If we do not understand deeply the meaning of the words of the Irradiations, our practice will become nothing more than mechanical.

The Irradiation A asserts that it is through study of the Christian Rationalismís principles, adequate reasoning, and spiritual growth derived from the struggle against moral imperfection that the individual evolves and reaches enlightenment. Once one understands the meaning for this assertiveness, one is ready to embrace the spirituality promulgated by Christian Rationalismís philosophy.

Therefore, it is important that every single one of us read this philosophy attentively, reeducating our way of thinking subjecting it to rational reasoning in order to avoid attracting negative thoughts that reverberate within the earthís atmosphere, causing suffering. As soon as the individual grasps a full awareness of himself as Intelligent Principle and Matter, he or she cannot consent to everything that is told to them, but will reach an appropriate spiritual balance, becoming capable of dealing with difficulties while avoiding failure and discouragement. The endeavor is for the strong-minded souls.

The individuals who have confidence in themselves, the individuals who can take the instructions in this philosophy seriously by practicing them, they can rest assured that they will succeed in any endeavor. Christian Rationalismís philosophy does not promise anything to anyone; it merely states the reality of spirituality. By paying attention to the meanings of these irradiations during our daily psychic cleansings, we become equipped to perceive everything that is happening around us and to put into practice the Christian Rationalismís principles.

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