What happens to souls
when abortion occurs

This is the question we received via email and this is our answer:

Before I try to answer your question, I would like to say that reincarnation of the human soul is a natural law of the universe and consists of successive existences or multiple bodily lives. This means that you and I have lived many other lives before and will probably live many more physical lives in the future.

There is nothing in life that can be hidden from spiritual planes. Everything we do or think generates vibrations which cross in all directions. So as soon as fertilization takes place, a soul (spirit) moves forward to take over the new human body in formation. The soul (spirit) then starts monitoring the formation of the physical body throughout the pregnancy until fetal development is completed. Finally at birth it takes full possession of the body to which it remains attached by means of animistic cords. Once the reincarnation has taken place, the human being becomes complete with three bodies as follows:

(1) Mental body (spirit)
(2) Astral body (animistic matter)
(3) Material body (organic matter)

Now when abortion is performed, the spirit (soul) who moved forward to take over the new human body in formation, is forced to return to its spiritual plane and await for another opportunity to reincarnate. For that spirit it is a lost opportunity, because it seems there are more souls (spirits) trying to reincarnate than the number of fertilizations. So it may be with great sadness that the intended soul of an aborted child is forced to terminate its reincarnation and therefore losing the chance to continue its spiritual evolution.

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